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[TR] The Hood-Wand - Hogsback Haiku 12/5/2008

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Trip: The Hood-Wand - Hogsback Haiku


Date: 12/5/2008


Trip Report:

Night Gives Way to Light

Reveals Boulders Without White -

Hood's Winter Comes Slow




Late Fall Frost Flowers

Bloom on Triangle Moraine -

Crampons Bite Bare Ice



Illumination Rock -

Bereft of Ice, Bare Stone Shows

Take That Strong Climbers!




Fumaroles Seeth & Fart -

The Mountain Roils & Snores

In Her Restless Sleep


Pearly Gates Grown Grim

By Many Winters Neglect /

The Way Wends Westward





Rime Blocks Perched High

In the Autumns Odd Hot Sun -

Death Lurks Well Above




Lying in Cold Shade

The North Face Gullies Soar Up -

Summiters Stand Alone



The Sun Warmed Palmer

Slopes Teem with 'boarding Teens -

Daylight Fades & Dies



Gear Notes:

Zen, 2 Packs and Adderol


Approach Notes:

The Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion

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Ivan, thanks for your patience and help. I'm casting the blame for my slowness on the heavy boots. Yeah, that's it, not my lack of fitness!

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nice work guys. looks like ivan came up with a new plan after all -- i.e., climbing hood on a sunny day seems so much more logical to me somehow...

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Whats going on with the rope in this picture?

bill savored his blessings and stayed put where he was on the summit ridge - i used the toys'r'us rope to have him belay me through that one vaguely sketchy part, then walked over to the summit - no need for the rope on the way back :)


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Yeah, was hard not to hurl watching you walk the walk. Found it easier to not watch the return trip, too busy looking for my testicles.

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I like the photo of the fella standing on the Hot Rocks. It is amazing how in a photo It looks like the Old Chute is not very steep at all. Having Been Up the old chute and Across the summit ridge last spring, I know it is Pretty steep, and the ridge is "Bracing". Nice photos, Thanks Ivan.

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my how old age axes all

i dreamt in winter white

while youth went astray


timberline at dawn

quiet soft crunch of crampons

a hill without end


blood red crescent moon

our friends as quick die away

life so short like rain


summit before noon

bad icy beer breakfast there

down we rage in glee

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