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  1. The Pencil on Hood?

    You better be off your gourd, totally apeshit. Man.
  2. [TR] Mt. Hood - Old Chute 5/9/2010

    Nice report. That chute to the right is a good way to avoid exposure of the ridge, but it does have it's share of rock and ice coming down. The last time I did this route we went up the old chute and over the summit ridge and down the chute to the right. Very steep in the chute. When we got down to the hot rocks a couple of washer/dryer size chunks of ice came down through the chute we were in. Needless to say, we just kind of laughed and decended. But it was kind of a close call. Another couple of min. on the summit and we would probably been toast....
  3. Hood Pics

  4. Hood Pics

    Some fucking beautiful photos guys. Sorry bout the French. The badass picts. excuse it I think.
  5. Mount Hood -- last day of 2010.

    Thats a great place to eat your lunch.
  6. Mount Hood -- last day of 2010.

    That boot pack looks to be to exposed to rock/ice fall. I wouldent go that way. The better option is to go lower route to hot rocks and up. Better safe then dead, I always say. Super nice pictures in this thread. Nice job and thanks guys.
  7. [TR] Mt. Jefferson - Jeff Park Glacier 10/1/2010

    Nice photos. Thanks.
  8. [TR] Broken Top - South Face Gully 10/27/2007

    Nice photos. Thanks.
  9. [TR] Broken Top - NW Ridge 6/17/2010

    Great photos. Nice job. I going to try to get up there this spring.
  10. Mt Hood Summit Bid

    I have climbed it in mid may before and for me it worked out well. I planed to climb on a thursday and flew in on monday to rain in Portland and the area for the next 2 days but then high pressure was coming in for later wed. The weather on Hood was nasty to say the least on Tue. and Wed. But on Wed. afternoon the wind came up to like 70 MPH and the storm blew off. The next morning was bluebird. Perfect. I would suggest going on a weekday to avoid the crowds. When I went up there was a girl from P.M.R. on the summit first, and thats it. All to ourselves.
  11. [TR] Shasta - Casaval Ridge Recon 10/31/2009

    If you find yourself in enough trouble to say "Why me? Why now?" You have traveled a well worn path. Every "Freak" accident happens in a very predictable chain of events. It is our job to see those events unfolding and stop them. Just my opnion. Hope everyone is allright.
  12. Homebrewing

    This is really cool. I have been brewing all grain for over 10 years. Good times. A great site is Beeradvocate. Check out the homebrewing fourm. Good info, and questions answered promptly by everyone from newbes to pros. Worthwhile. Cheers!
  13. Deadliest Mountains in US?

    I would have to say for pure hazards and not a lot of deaths, Jefferson rates right up there.
  14. Deadliest Mountains in US?

    I would think the mountains in Europe, Being really where mountineering was born, would have a higher death rate. Is it handicapped for history of attempts? I would think Europe mountains have been attemped for longer then say the cascades or Asian mountains. At least in RECORDED history. Am I wrong? Perhaps I am. I know the post says U.S. I am commenting on the list. In the U.S. I do believe it is Washington.