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  1. Nice work. I was up on Leutholds this past thursday and saw y'alls bootprints heading up that way. We laughed at the time because about 50% of people who head up that way are actually trying to do Leutholds but don't know where they're going. Nice work though, that route can be pretty sketch if snow's not good.
  2. Ryan Huetter you bastard. Go climb the South African Route already.
  3. What is it about people from the NW going to Red Rocks this time of year? Are we just that tired of the rain? Fed up with not having as many casinos and not being allowed to drink in public? I was down there last week and at least 80% of the people I ran into were from Oregon, Washington, or BC. Winter- is that picture from last week?
  4. tips for alpine newbies

    While the earlier posts about bringing an empty gatorade bottle and such are good and all, I prefer a
  5. L-Glutamine???

    Yes content does matter. Just about everything has proteins in it, but the human body uses specific groups of amino acids that are not present in every food. Things such as whey protein, eggs, cheese, and meat have highly similar amino acid contents to the ones our body needs/uses. You can eat all the soy beans you want, but your body won't use alot of the protein content in it. Also, if you aren't being very active you get plenty of protein from a normal diet, but if you are climbing, running, lifting or skiing just about every day, your body needs more to rebuild ripped up muscles. Go with high quaity protein, but it won't do shit if you don't put in the work.
  6. ???

    Yup. Crap. Why BD, a very respectable company, made such a worthless item is beyond me, unless they are selling it to ravens just looking for another shiny piece of metal.
  7. Beautiful photos and climb. Looks like this storm is set to change conditions a bit though...
  8. [TR] Southern Yosemite - many 10/12/2008

    Hey, Is this in the "Balls" area near the AA Wilderness, or is it actually in the NP? Looks like nice climbin... may have to go check it out this May!
  9. You people really need to stop posting TR's of gorgeous places and amazing climbs, or I'm going to drop out of school and blame it on everyone at CascadeClimbers.... So how do you get there if I'm going to be in the area this weekend?
  10. So jealous! Looks like a beautiful adventure.
  11. [TR] Dragontail - Triple Couloirs 2/23/2008

    Nice work! I got some pictures of you heading into the Hidden Couloir. Those middle gullies looked really thin even from the lake. We were nervous for a while because we saw you two head up, and then one person came out and was heading down pretty quickly but it was just the solo guy. Makes me feel lazy for just going up and skiing!
  12. [TR] colchuck peak - ne couloir right var. 2/25/2008

    Nice work guys! What a beautiful day to be up in the mountains. We were up there thinking about the N Buttress Couloir, and saw you heading up. Instead we just had a fun easy day skiing the glacier, and thanks for grabbing that one skin my buddy lost!
  13. Home Server?

    I'm a huge fan of the new Mac Pro's running Mac OS X server. You can also install it on older PowerMac's, but are more limited in storage. The Mac Pro's are nice because you can get up to 4Tb of memory making them a cheap(er) option to a full on server setup. I havn't taken the time to figure out all the deatils of OS X server yet but it's pretty straight forward to install and run, especially if you have some experience with macs. Good luck!