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[TR] Chair Peak- North Face 1/25/2006


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Did you have to rap the bottom of the route as well?

no just the two up higher--the 'schrund required minimal air time. i also had some loose ski hijinx that required shenanigans from rap 2, but am too shamefaced to detail. i made a fistful of 'turns' on the whole face, but want more of that once i get the appropriate skis & cajones. overall a super cool time--that shite talker is the man w/ the plan. some pics (unfortunately had camera set on low-res, dammit):


Just emerging from the fog, first view of obj.:




Sky on lead:



Clouds flowing, Sky climbing in lower left corner:



Sky skiing/photographing lower down:



Onslaught! I've never posted photos before, so might need some help w/ size, etc. --gallery has a few more...


ps, DirtyHarry, I will take you to the rack, then stomp you like a Narc at a bike rally.

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There were some funny posts here. What happened? Why the moderation?


Reminds me of when someone took the funny posts where Ray and Mike flamed some Coloradan after I posted pictures from skiing the North Face of Shuksan.


Seriously, what gives? Don't say anything funny! When does banter become intolerable spray? Did somebody complain?


Anyway, I want it to go on the record:

DirtyHarry skied Da Toof on skate skis. NICE WORK FOO! bigdrink.gif

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That is crazy looking decent. bigdrink.gifbigdrink.gif

Sky and Lunger look decent in every photo. What's so crazy about it?

thumbs_up.gif Strong work. I would inquire about your next objective, except it's totally clear to me already.


It is crazy and wild from my perspective cause I don't have the skillz nor the balls for it. It is totally doable, as we have been shown, when are you going to post up your TR of Chair descent Norm?

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That is crazy looking decent. bigdrink.gifbigdrink.gif

Sky and Lunger look decent in every photo.


Yeah, I really thought Eric's jacket brings out the blue in his eyes. For Sky though, I think more of a burnt cienna colored shell would compliment his complexion more.


Normally I would have agreed with you about Skykilo. but from talking to those who witnessed the debut of the peacock motif last year, I think he's taught us to rediscover new permutations of red, yellow, and cornflower blue.





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