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  1. CHEAP Icelantic and Bluehouse skis

    A friend wants your Mavens. He tried contacting you on TGR, sent you a PM and replied to your post. He tried contacting you here too but is having trouble logging in to CC.com. Let me know how you want to contact him and I will relay the message. Sweet skis BTW! :-) Brian
  2. North Cascades Hwy (hwy 20)

    opening on Thursday May 8th at noon. http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/traffic/passes/northcascades
  3. Ski In 2014

    North Cascades Hwy set to open Thursday May 8th at noon. http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/traffic/passes/northcascades
  4. No Snow is No Excuse

    not true. it made me laugh! some of those falls looked painfull. ouch.
  5. Camp Muir Redevelopment comment period

    last post was supposed to be in reply to this:
  6. Camp Muir Redevelopment comment period

    did they replace the old one? is this one up or just in the planning stages? I really liked the old hut. pretty impressive.
  7. Hubers on ElCap

    whats the name of the film on Netflix?
  8. The Mountain Runners film...

    I wasnt able to make it up to B'ham for the film. does anyone know if it will be playing anywhere else?
  9. do you still have your permit? thanks, Brian
  10. Corrie I might be interested in two of them. do you still have them? thanks, Brian
  11. I'm interested! I will give you a call.
  12. Indoor Climbing at Vertical World, Ballard

    I also climb at VW and I'm looking for new partners. planning on climbing there tonight around 7:00 if you are interested. drop me a line, call or text if you like. Brian 206-551-3118
  13. Video: J. Pierre's 265 Footer

    holy shit! what are these people thinking?!
  14. Skiing Thur and/or Friday NOV 18/19

    I also have Thur/Fri off and want to hit the backcountry. I know this is late, nope you're a night owl! I will PM you with my phone number. give me a call!