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  1. A friend wants your Mavens. He tried contacting you on TGR, sent you a PM and replied to your post. He tried contacting you here too but is having trouble logging in to CC.com. Let me know how you want to contact him and I will relay the message. Sweet skis BTW! :-) Brian
  2. opening on Thursday May 8th at noon. http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/traffic/passes/northcascades
  3. North Cascades Hwy set to open Thursday May 8th at noon. http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/traffic/passes/northcascades
  4. not true. it made me laugh! some of those falls looked painfull. ouch.
  5. last post was supposed to be in reply to this:
  6. did they replace the old one? is this one up or just in the planning stages? I really liked the old hut. pretty impressive.
  7. whats the name of the film on Netflix?
  8. I wasnt able to make it up to B'ham for the film. does anyone know if it will be playing anywhere else?
  9. I also climb at VW and I'm looking for new partners. planning on climbing there tonight around 7:00 if you are interested. drop me a line, call or text if you like. Brian 206-551-3118
  10. holy shit! what are these people thinking?!
  11. I also have Thur/Fri off and want to hit the backcountry. I know this is late, nope you're a night owl! I will PM you with my phone number. give me a call!
  12. I'm heading to Leavenworth this weekend, might need a partner, have you found one yet?
  13. shit, just realized that the 7th is Labor Day, I already have plans for Labor Day weekend and wont be able to make it. if anything changes I will let you know but it looks like I'm out. good luck finding a partner, should be pretty easy once you are in the Valley. just go to the bullitin board in Camp 4 and leave a post and check others. someone is always looking for a partner.
  14. like some aspects of climbing, even if its not all that fun you still have to do it at least once. 15 hrs is a LOT of opera! my daughter did commit to the first show, Das Rheingold, so now I just need to find someone who is interested in the second, Die Walkure, so I can at least see the whole thing once. I'll drop Minx a line. anyone seen her lately? is she still posting on here?
  15. good times! I also did a 3-week climbing trip thru France a few years ago. I still have several guide books and this cool map of France that shows the size and location of climbing areas all over the country. you are welcome to borrow it all, if you do please treat the material well and return it at the end of your trip. I would second some of the recommendations here: climbing in Les Calanques and Orpiere, visiting Cassis and Chamonix. as was said before dont plan on climbing in Cham that time of year, like here, the weather can be a mixed bag in the mountains. plan on hitting the places that will most likely have good weather and then once you get there modify your plans to go where the weather is good. like HC said you can travel anywhere in a day so just be flexible. if you have any interest in alpine climbing history you should at least visit Cham even if you dont climb there. and as it is full of Brits and just about every other nationality you can easily get by speaking English so it doesnt sound like what you are looking for in a climbing destination anyway. but visit for a day and eat great fondue! if you are still looking for reco's I can give you more for other areas. not sure what you are looking for in your climbing, we were looking for lots of sport climbing 5.10 and under on that trip. I've been there on other trips for alpine climbing, Haute Route, etc. so we can talk about that too if you are interested. hope some of this long babel helps, cheers!
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