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Cycling vs Running

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The answer for most people is cycling. The reason is that most people cannot run at a low enough percentage of the their lactic threshold to see the necessary cardiac and oxidative tissue adaptions necessary to improve aerobic fitness, in fact most people will have physiological changes that are counter to what they are trying to accomplish.


What is your basis for stating this, and what are the "physiological changes" that are counter to what you're tyring to accomplish? I only understand the arguments that cycling is less injury prone then running.


What is the basis? It's published sports science. The physiological changes you are trying to avoid are thickening of the hearts walls, to name one.

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What is the basis? It's published sports science. The physiological changes you are trying to avoid are thickening of the hearts walls, to name one.

Thanks for that detailed response. I plan to go trade my running shoes for a bike right now. wink.gif


Whatever punkass wink.gif Sorry I didn't feel like writing a thesis length response. There is really a lot too it and to be honest to make it convincing you really have to go into the molecular and cellular details to hit the message home. But, it all has to do with heart rate. If you are a seasoned runner then it's a great form of training. But for someone who isn't a seasoned runner, they would be better off on the bike, at least for a couple months.

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hmm, gonna keep my response free of tension. Well, actually i don't have a ton of experience myself- but when i was gearing up for my first "climbing adventure" my dad (who has TONS of experience) advised cycling. As he is a pretty accomplished runner and cyclist and mountaineer, i tend to take his advice. sorry for the run on sentences!

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Cycling vs. Running...this is better than sport vs. trad!


My thoughts are:


-if I can run for 1 or 2 or 3 hours at a time, that's aerobic enough for me. Not sure I believe all the 'science' either side puts forth claiming its aerobic improvement is better.


-someone made the point awhile back that running on flat does nothing for your legs re: climbing.


-I like both, but I don't like the effects of the bike seat.


-Most importantly, isn't this one outstanding photo.? It's the best thing to come out of this thread. thumbs_up.gif And she does both.


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hee hee..she's on my fridge....she's one of the top female tri-athletes....Adventure magazine did a huge spread on her earlier this summer. Yeah...she kicks ass! She competed and won (I think in her age bracket...not sure though) in the Hawaii Ironman!! She's only like 22 or something if I remember correctly. Yup...she's my idol!!

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Found it! She's 26...my bad!!





Kona, Hawaii

WHY SHE RULES: It was no big surprise when, at age 18, Lokelani McMichael (whose full name is Lokelanikuu'leimakamae) became the youngest woman to finish the Hawaii Ironman—a record she still holds. After all, she'd grown up watching the legendary triathlon pass by her parents' Kona surf shop and began volunteering as a race-day water patroller when she was seven. The real surprise? That she braved bike crashes, full-body jellyfish stings, and close encounters with tiger sharks to rocket through seven consecutive Ironman Triathlon World Championships in Hawaii—athletic cred she has put toward her latest multisport venture. As co-host of Adventure Challenge, debuting in December on HDNet, a new cable network that films only in high-definition digital format, McMichael offers onscreen instruction from enviable locales: surfing in Huntington Beach, paragliding in San Diego, and scuba diving in the Maldives. SAYS WHO: "Loke's an undercover athlete," says Adventure Challenge co-host and producer Tom Holm. "If you met her, you wouldn't guess she's such a fierce competitor. But after she kicks your butt, she'll joke around and drink a smoothie with you. She's very grounded." MEET THE ANTI-WAIF: "I've been told my muscles are too big for fashion magazines," says McMichael, who has modeled for Elle, Self, Shape, Esquire, and Nike's latest ad campaign. FORWARD SPIN: Her filming schedule is almost as grueling as her training regimen: Next year she'll sea-kayak in the San Juan Islands, climb Mount Rainier, and backcountry-ski in the Tetons. And in the far future? McMichael plans to compete in triathlons until she's 80. World record for the oldest woman to complete the Ironman, anyone? —KATE SIBER

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more to drool over...Hit browse for the photos




still waiting to hear about the heart rate and sex!! been curious about that!


I have to find another celebrity athlete to fantasize about now that Anna Kournikova is married and Sue Bird is gay. This Lokela chick is pretty hot. A little short, but you can't have everything.

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I can't run because of an ankle inpengment(sp?).

The most important thing is having a heart rate monitor. Keeping you heart rate in the 60% to 70% of you max HR a good bit of the time with intervals worked in. I'm kinda wimpy so I don't have trouble getting my heart rate up, doing intervals, on the flat roads I have around here.

You get out of it, what you put into it.

I find off road riding is harder to control your heart rate (impossible for me). Off road, for me, is just a fun day of riding since my heart rate is so high most of the time. I believe Lance Armstrong entered a mountain bike race once and said it one of the hardest events he had been in. I think he won.

Off road, legs don't get much recovery time since you are either blasting up a hill, out of the saddle on the way down (unless your full suspension) or cranking away on the flats to keep your speed up. I'm always full on when I'm off road.


Running or cycling could be boring I guess. I like the amount of ground you can cover on a bike. 20-30 or 40 miles. I like the idea of cycling being a low impact type of training. A good seat with a "channeled center" will keep your.......manhood working.

A good pair of cycling shorts is a good idea.


I have a "loud" helmet & jersey to help the idiot drivers from mowing me over. I ride the back roads but still end up on major roads. When I hear a car coming I make sure to take up the right third of the road. It forces them to give me a little space to get around me. If a car is coming the same from the opposite direction at the same time, it forces the car behind me to wait until they can pass me. If i try to squeeze onto the white line, cars & trucks unually act like I am not there, missing me by inches at times.


I love training so i don't mind 1:30 hour to 2:20 hour rides. In the warmer season, i just get my ride done before my wife goes to work at 8am. But it's a little cool outside now for those morning rides.


Standing up out of the saddle is a little different than when your seated.


I'm just a bumbly but I've seen a couple of Chris Carmicheal's (CTS) training video's. I give's you a basic idea how to get in shape. I don't think anyone here would easily leave Lance on the road or hiking up a hill.


That said, you do use different muscles while hiking uphill while wearing a pack. "core" muscles to stabilize that pack, arm muscle unsing those poles & axes and stabilizer muscles in the legs that are not used (in that fasion on a bike).

My choice is biking. Then if you can get in some hiking & climbing with a modest pack for a few weeks before a big climb.



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