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  1. What GPS unit do you think is the best? I intend to use it a lot during winter backcountry shoeing/boarding.
  2. FS: Mtn. Hardware Jacket

    For Sale: 2-layer Conduit Mountain Hardware Hooded Jacket, rarely worn, no rips, tears, or abrasions of any kind, size Large (too big for me), Yellow and Black. $75 includes shipping. PM me if interested.
  3. LandCruiser FJ 40 for sale

    For Sale: 1966 Toyota LandCruiser FJ40, removeable hardtop, freshly rebuilt Chevy V8 350 (Weiand intake manifold, Q-Jet carb, new headers), rebuilt TH 350 auto trans., rebuilt 1973 direct shift cruiser t-case, re-built front and rear ends, locker in the rear diff., 8 point rollcage, 4 bucket seats (still have the jumpseats too), Saginaw power steering conversion with a newly rebuilt steering box, tilt column, Grant steering wheel, 2" billet alum. wheel spacers, 4" lift, 5 33"X10.5" BFG mud terrains (near new), custom rear tire carrier, 180 Watt Aiwa CD player, KC daylighters, Grill guard, dual Flowmaster mufflers, 2" exhuast, new weather stripping, prof. built front and rear driveshafts, custom running boards, and 1/8" plate steel rear fender flares. Oh yeah, its white in color. Also included are spare parts: complete front and rear wheel to wheel axle assemblies, extra set of stock spings, spare t-case, and spare driveshafts. I have all receipts, can give the phone numbers of the mechanics that did all of the engine, tranny, t-case, and axle work. Asking $7,900
  4. BD Camalots NEW 4.5 & 5

    I'm interested. Check your PM's.
  5. how would you reply?

    I like the 3000 loose pennies idea. I thought that the retail mantra was: "Thank you, may I have another?"
  6. Dream Gym

    I dream of just having a gym in Yakima. Oh wait, I do. I bought most of the Gymnastic Plus holds when they closed down their wall and I turned my basement into a bouldering cave. It has 20 degree to 30 degree overhangs with roof problems. I need to change the overhangs though, I want to set them at 45-70 degrees. I was conservative with the original plan. Indoor walls are great for conditioning and escaping foul weather, but thats about it for me.
  7. I just bought the new guidebook at Hyperspud Sports (Yakima) and it is excellent. I have been waiting for a comprehensive Tieton guide with awesome photos/beta/ and more for awhile. Ford and Yoder wrote this guide in the same style (fonts, get located crag topos., and great photos.) as the Frenchman Coulee guidebook. I want to thank Jim Yoder and Marlene Ford for their hard work. "andyf" (ccc.c) has "created and/or assisted with 147 of the 356 routes there (Tieton)" p. 8. "joepuryear" ( ccc.c) has put up many multi-pitch routes up Goose Egg and he has added a few routes to The Talon. Thank you Andy, Joe, and others for making/developing the Tieton into an incredible climbing heaven. BUY THE BOOK! Yes, there really is a reason to live in Yakima: the crags are only 30 minutes away, they are always dry, and there is rarely wind.
  8. WOW!! what a present !

    You are super stoked! That Christianson guide book is hard to find, let alone in good condition. Thanks for all the quality route develepment that you had a hand in on the Tieton. I just got the new guide and was very pleased to see your routes in there. Steal Your Face (@ Deadheads/5.10C) is one of my favorites right now. The start is pumpy and the move from the last clip to the anchors is very balancy. Thanks.
  9. New guidebook: "Tieton River Rocks" by Ford&Yoder

    The South Fork routes (Astral Wall and Hexagonal Satellites) look amazing. The Caldera bouldering area looks awesome too. I am definitely stoked. It's on!
  10. Essential Guidebooks...

    The Vantage guide is great (Yoder & Ford). It's spiral bound. There is a new guide book due this late winter and early spring by Ford & Yoder. I think it is going to be called Tieton River Rocks. It is over 200 pgs. from what I hear. If you have not climbed at the Tieton crags, then I highly recomend it. There are numerous 5.6-5.9 trad climbs (especially at the Royal Columns). This where I began placing gear and building anchors. There is also a lot of 5.10 -5.11 sport and trad climbing on the Tieton River.
  11. Thanks Grandma!

    My grandma really surpised me with this one. She gave the book "Big Walls" for Christmas. Thanks granny.
  12. Cascade Urban Legends?-that might be true?

    Two years ago my climbing partner and I encoutered a grizzly on Bethel Ridge (between White Pass and Chinook Pass). We were in a car and the big-humped brownie just stared us down and then ran away. This pretty far south but it is not the only report of a griz in this area. The Naches Ranger station has had 4 unconfirmed sightings in the last few years.
  13. Good winter insulated jacket -- recommendations?

    Has anyone used a TNF Summit Jacket?
  14. Draw without a sling... good idea?

    Rappelling is still the #1 cause of death in rock climbing, not clipping bolts. Improvisation works, I think that the picture shows this. I ask myself this before placing gear/trusting fp's/bolts: Am I comfortable trusting my life and my partner's life with this pro.? If the answer is "yes," then proceed. If its "no" then back it up or retreat.
  15. Why is it "cool" to besmirch Vantage?

    Please, climb at Vantage. I rather enjoy my local crags (about 300 routes). Yeah, Vantage is nice outdoor gym.
  16. Cycling vs Running

    I like bikes.
  17. strengthof ropes???

    No way! If a decent climbing rope is too expensive, you could always take up calf roping. I hear pink-pointing a calf is en vogue these days at the local state fair.
  18. Name My Dog

    "Jibber" is a solid name. I also like Chief.
  19. Blue aliens?

    How strong is a blue alien? I know folks use the blues and blacks for aid a lot, but will a blue Alien hold a whipper in solid rock? I love the green, red, and yellow.
  20. Do I need a whole bunch of #1 and #2 cams to lead this or does the crack that "Ed's Jam" (at The Bend) follows have more variation and accept a variety of cam sizes? Is the crack too parallell for bomber hex placement or not? Thanks for any beta on gear selection.
  21. I want to hear from anybody that has climbed The Talon. Did you clip/trust those old rusty pins or did you find placements for gear? What size of gear I was up there this summer without gear (wah, wah, wah) and it looked rather interesting.
  22. Yakima Ghetto

    Yakima is a hurtin' town. It's roots lie with the very wealthy land owners (apples, cherries) and the lower class that work in these orchards. Not much has changed. 2nd and 3rd generational poverty, drugs (yakima is famous for these), and a deeply entrenched Mexican mafia are the reasons that this town sucks. The Surrenos and Nortenos are the two gangs in town. These gangs originated from the SoCal prision system and now infect the town. I teach PE in a Surrenos controlled neighborhood. It is all very interesting. I am moving out of here in 2 years if I am not shot first. The Tieton is a very wonderful area with 100's of great routes. No crowds, great weather, and diverse climbing (cracks,slab,face,muli.pitch). Seriously, the climbing is sweet and there are no bangers at the crags.
  23. Efficient trad. racking?

    I want to hear some suggestions for organizing a trad rack. I waste a lot of time and energy fumbling with gear . What have you found to be helpful or not? I have a set of heuvos, 4-10 Metolius cams, red yellow green alien, pink red tri-cam, and #8-11 hexes. I carry most of the gear on lead in case I need to build an anchor. Should I just treat each climb individually and rack according to the route? By size/range? By type of pro.? I think I just answered my question: try it all and see what works. Duh! What do you do for organizing a trad rack (pro, biners, slings, all of it)?
  24. Bellingham: Pros and cons?

    I am thinking about escaping the cholo-life in Yaki-Vegas and moving to Bellingham. I want to know what is going on with Bham (economics, climbing, culture, weather, growth, everything). Let me have it!
  25. Pullman

    There will likely be LOTS of snow in the Pullman/Spokane area until March, so rock gear is of little use unless you take a road trip to Frenchman Coulee or SoCal. There is a lot of great skiing around there (Schweitzer, Silver, 49 degrees North, and Mt. Spokane) . Go backcounty at any of these places. Pullman gets icey but I do not know where to climb there.