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Rust on ice tools ???


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Hey y'all,


I was packing some things up for a long trip and noticed that my BD Cobras have spots of rust on the pick and adze and hammer area -- not major, but definitely obvious rust spots.


Not enough use I guess!!!


Anyway, I know it's not a GOOD thing to have rust, but is it a BAD thing? Do I need to be worried about that -- i.e. get rust remover or something -- is it that pretty par for the course?


Thanks for any info.

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happens all the time. best rust removal method is to go climbing. otherwise filing will remove some of it and a ski edge gummy stick polisher works great. just remember to remove all of the rust and get everything dry if you are going to store your gear for a long period of time, even better is to dry it off after every outing (not always practical due to bigdrink.gif )i don't generally worry about rust unless it is really bad. cheers!

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My picks do the same, as do my Whippets. They can't use stainless for the picks because it's too soft. Don't worry about it.


No, stainless steel is actually too brittle to be used. That is one reason never to trust a 1/4" stainless bolt, even more so then a non-stainless 1/4 bolt.

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No, stainless steel is actually too brittle to be used.



According to Black Diamond, the Raven Pro has a stainless steel pick. It's good for moderate glacier routes and such. [Not saying I'd try to use it for a long alpine route with bullet-hard ice or mixed climbing, though...]




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tho rust leads to more rust (pitting), so as eric8 says, pull out the steel wool, if you are going to store them for a long time, coat em with a light oil or chain wax or something to keep the oxygen off them (steel+O2 = rust)


This is a good thing to do to your skis too. End of season, give them a hot wax, and then don't scrape. I store mine in the garage in the off season where they can be vulnerable to moisture and whatnot.


Added bonus: Beginning of next season, you are a quick scrape away from having freshly waxed skis.

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Thanks for the reassurance -- you're now all officially "enabling" my beer consumption after climbing instead of steel wool and lubricant application!


For that, I will be forever grateful.


WC Fields said, "It was a woman who drove me to drink -- and I never even had the decency to thank her." I would like to demonstrate more grace and manners than he did.


So Thanks! bigdrink.gif

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