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  1. Here we go again...

    slappy guess that means we aint going where were going?
  2. Here we go again...

  3. Exit strategy

    Half pound of Rainier cherries the day b4. Dry wheat toast and 3 cups of coffee the next morning.
  4. beacon

    ha! i was just thinking about that...when i get back on the 27th i will be down to go there. I cannot carpool tho.
  5. How to store a tent

    out of the way is my only concern.
  6. Toyota truck question

    Way too much money for the rig. Go to Nada.com and look for a basic market price and go from there. Personally I would not own a toyoat as they are underpowered in all the models, and they are cramped inside. 95 was the 1st year the redesigned it so there will be more issues then a later model. i prefer american trucks as they come at a better price for more upgrades.
  7. YIPEE!!!!

    I am sure most of us like to kill shit and eat it.
  8. aktoolalley imz doin sum guh ole' boldarin kurintlee
  9. cloud cap road

    retired: sage advice from our very own chucK "always pack b4 you pack" my mother in law could prolly beat us all down.
  10. Tommy Chong Out of Prison!

    The sad thing the people who put him there (ashcroft) is a bigger criminal then tommy chong ever was.
  11. anyone under 18?

    most of us around here act like we are 14 does that count?
  12. A warning...

    i am more of a midweek type climber now, i got domestic duties on the weekend!
  13. Wimmin's clothes

    Tell me something, why do they always have weird loops, hinges, hooks and weird zippers to secure them? What ever happed to good ole buttons and zippers?
  14. where to climb this weekend?

    Fossil is a waste of time, exit 32 is the only one you listed that is worth more then 10 minutes of your time.
  15. A warning...

    shit bitch gimme a ring, i'll be in the area the next few weeks as well.
  16. Wimmin's clothes

    odd, i was more concerned with putting them on and what not. helping my wife put on a formal dress the other day is what brought me to my query.
  17. Where is it acceptable to take beginners?

    1st route i ever climbed on was a 5.10 OUTSIDE to be matter of factly, after much swearing, no style and little to zero ethics(the way I still climb to this day) I accomplised it. I don't know what you are worried about, especially since you are a mountie and we all know their deal.
  18. cloud cap road

    drove up there the other day with the mother in law, the road is open and snow free.
  19. free for a hike?

    if you can be in hood river on wensday night i am climbing hood with my mother in law...
  20. Maybe I missed it?

    So what was the final outcome on the Goran Kropp decking? I know they ended up fixing a #2 camalot in the crack and scribing some note on the rock in front of it, but I never did read what the final outcome of the whole thing was. did the gear fail or was it operator error did God just need a really tall person that day?
  21. CBR west face

    i hope you tipped your guide!
  22. newhalem

    hey kiddo the link does not work for me, therefore it sux.
  23. son volt

    smoke a joint and out the disc in...
  24. Forbidden Exposure?

    it is not sustained if that is what you are asking..