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  1. at&t works in trout lake, lunch counter, false summit and summit you can always carry a mirror and flash morse code to trout lake...
  2. Saddle Mountain - Water Ice

    saddle mountain from parking lot - 01/14/2007
  3. Best Anti-Balling plate?

    ditto on the duct tape as a temp fix
  4. New climbing related film @ OMSI Omnimax theater coming in March. OMSI info Here More info and trailer Here
  5. Randle Wa.

    use the giff - he is wise http://www.fs.fed.us/gpnf/recreation/current-conditions/roads.shtml
  6. Randle Wa.

    no yes
  7. WTB: Excel for Windows XP

    if you have high speed internet... download http://www.openoffice.org/ its free and does the same things. you can save your files as .xls just like microsoft excel
  8. FS: Brand new wiener

  9. La Sportiva Makalu's ??

    I have a pair and love them. perfect for moderate snow routes, good for approach. i loosen them up for the descent once im back on the trail or safer terrain. make sure you wax them up good. they have heel and toe bails for heel and toe bail crampons. stiff sole is nice on steep ice/snow.
  10. Palmer Lift House- Mt Hood

    there was a nice snow cave built next to the locked door a couple of years ago. room for 4 or 5, shelves and flat floor. i took a nap in there on the way up.
  11. Yokum Ridge Stories

    try spelling yokum as yocum... it normally sees a few ascents a year as long it comes into condition. there are probably years no one makes it up that route
  12. good to hear - did they grade it recently? what did you do up bird creek way?
  13. yup - just be prepared to drive carefully and use the entire road to miss potholes, etc
  14. Any teen climbers out there?

    nice knee pads....
  15. Horsethief Reservoir...

    as far as i know yes. also i do not know of any access issues. retired could probably shed some light and possible beta...