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The Nodder?


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On the 10th page of Nodder

My true love gave to me

TEN NODDERS NODDING!! snaf.gifsnaf.gifsnaf.gifsnaf.gifsnaf.gifsnaf.gifsnaf.gifsnaf.gifsnaf.gifsnaf.gif


Nine nodders nodding

Eight toppers topping

Seven pooers pooing

Six snugtops snuggling


Four nods a nodding

Three blue nodders

Two Mrs Aldens

And an Otter in a Nod Tree

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Nodder 1: On Nod?


Nodder 2: your On Nod!


Nodder 1: Nodding!


Nodder 2: Nodd On!


Nodder 1: Oh shit I might Nod here, watch me!


Nodder 2: I got you Nodder! Just Focus, you can do it!


Nodder 1: Wow! Off Nod...


Nodder 2: Nod Off! Up Nod!


Nodder 1: Your on Nod!


Nodder 2: Nodding!


Nodder 1: Nod On!

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