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The Nodder?


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THE OTTER? OH MY GOD! NECROPHILIA!!! shocked.gifshocked.gifshocked.gifshocked.gifshocked.gif


As if that weren’t awful enough, sea otters also practice lots of kinky sex. I’ve saved this for last because—quite frankly—it contains material not for the faint of heart. If you are underage, underweight, under a doctor’s care, under glass, or if tales of strange sex acts disturb you, please close your eyes until I tell you it’s safe to open them. On the other hand, if you’re like most paddlers, remember to blink... at least occasionally. At the outset, let’s make it clear that even regular mating between sea otters is just plain revolting. A male will often bite a female’s nose and hold on until he has satisfied his lust. Sometimes females die from this experience. But we have yet to reach the ne plus ultra of disgustingness. You would think that the demise of your love interest might put the kibosh on mating, but male sea otters are so single-minded, so utterly testosterone-drenched, that they sometimes continue mating with a female that expired during foreplay. Some male sea otters even seem to prefer such necrophilia! (Fewer interruptions?)
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I just lost 30 miutes of my life reading the steaksauce thread. I must admit, some of the pictures that MisterE posted were pretty damn funny, but it will take an amazing event for me to stop feeling bad about having read the steaksauce post. I mean really, is steaksauce really all that funny? Is the steaksauce something that I should be concerened about? Will he/she/it do my taxes for me? There are only a few things in life that I have truly regretted doing, one of which was racing my sister to touch an electric fence, but this nodderdome is really a doozy. Consider the amount of time that has been wasted by these people. If we were to properly apply the energy and creativity and in some instances, the single minded drive to keep this thread alive, we would have the tunnel under the atlantic with a train going 800 miles an hour. In closing, I'd like to say fuck the steaksauce. Fuck the otter. Fuck steaksauce. Fuck Mrs Alden, fuck Faster than poo, fuck 'em all man. I would also like to express regret that I ever posted to this thread. Even this last post, which will surely spur on derision from the many misguided followers of the steaksauce.

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