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  1. I roped up for everything until the 3rd class top out. I used a 70m rope. Stretching it out almost every pitch. I climbed it in 7 pitches
  2. Trip: North Cascades - Thin Red Line Date: 7/22/2009 Trip Report: Soloed Thin red line on Wednesday 13 hours car to car. The mosquitoes were insane those little #$%@ers cost me an hour or more. The weather was perfecr and the higher I got the stronger the wind blew. I did find alot of gear on route; to the point it looked like an epic of sorts. PM me. let me know what you lost and I'll get your gear back to you. Gear Notes: double set offsets, double set .4-1.25, single 1.5-3, 2 sky hooks, 2 leeper cams Approach Notes: 25min
  3. Appetite for Destruction is different from other features on Kloochman. It's more slab and face climbing. When I climbed it the upper pitchs had lots of dirt on ledges and holds. It is all bolts and well protected but there is some loose rock. It's no sport route.
  4. OMG you found a Nodderdisliker but no nodder. And and an Otter Your Special. Stank you very much
  5. Yaaah Steven Yaaaha! Yaah Seagal You know I will!
  6. Anyone know what the conditions are like right now? Are the roads open? How much snow is still up there?
  7. Already_on_Top


    Props! thank you Frank
  8. Page top Nodder Word the phuck up n00b's and a happy "Sure is" to you all Here's Matt Damon seaching another hole for the Nodder
  9. Icicle Butress was in great shape for almost 2 months. I saw people on 5 other routes this season. Good times for all
  10. HEy Mr. Damon what happened to the pain?
  11. The Pencil and the Drip are gone. Climbs in the shade are still in good shape
  12. Thanks for the skin track Silly skiers Fat tracks in the trees I rode from 7,494' to 2,200' it was good top to bottom
  13. There is a mud slide a 1 1/2 miles up the road. Up to 10 feet deep. It didn't wash out, just covered the road.
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