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  1. Adventure Climbing

    Oregon is home to volcanic burps that never really solidify. To some extent they hold shape but not real well. what I don't get is the fact that the 60's and 70's saw tons of exploration and ascents on what is now frowned upon So..... were the men of old ignorant or just better equipped with balls? I have a hunch we are all pussies now, in need of a more cush glamour session rather than a true who gives a kind of climbing expirence. Any one have loppers I know of some rocks in need of some trimming. Long approach!!
  2. Adventure Climbing

    No one has written anything. Either because I suck or you are all out climbing. I will take either answer. My feelings are tough.
  3. Adventure Climbing

    What is the big deal with climbing the rotten $#:! in the Cascades? The only problem I see is the fact that a hold or two might pop and pro is so-so. But I figure it like MtNeering, DON'T FALL. There are few people and the view is better than any thing at Smith. Any one want to go?
  4. Am in Albany. Have patients and time, and other people!! Hrothgar
  5. Dave Shuldtz's hero

    If Kerry is elected, will we all get discounts on ketchup? Or a special ketchup day? I hope so!!!
  6. Hot and Republican - does it get any better?

    I think all responsible parties should quit the bashing and put their best foot foreward. Why don't you run!! I will vote for other parties when the candidates are worth the effort. As for now, the people with the best ideas and intrests are happy playing armchair politician instead of trying for a viable position. Why not support term limits?
  7. Chalk is bunk!

    Quote "titanium spoon is useless". I think chalk is useless. It gums up my gloves and freezez like a sob when wetted. The titanium spoon however is the tool to have. It is in the left hand when i have that desperate move on a grade 5 route. You can also string through the tie in hole and bury it as pro!! AHHHHHH So light, SOOO Strong!!
  8. spokane

    You guys are lucky. Best we have is Hoodoo. check it out. Sloppy wet and that is on A GOOD day. The valley is truely crap. Come on over. Jobs a plenty, rainy, muggy, sticky, all that. I would trade you. You'd indian fast. This truely sucks!!
  9. is it love? lust? whatever. chick is a hottie

    I'm impressed. Cheerleader does climbing! We need more of this.
  10. spokane

    I lived in Tacoma. Way worse hands down.
  11. best of cc.com The Nodder?

  12. Thoes cows were on their way up as we were skiing down in the AM. Some one needs to clean up behind them!