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  1. Specialed, You must be a young man still, based on your writing and logic I would guess mid 20's. A website is what it's users make of it. It can be a powerfull tool or dismissed as junk.
  2. Dru, I am still deciding if I will help. I have emailed the Polish Caving Association which he is undoubtedly a member of if he is a caver. You need to be in order to get the key to gated caves. I am not saying just give without checking... I will do my homework before I send anything. Thanx for your concern.
  3. Hi Specialed, I was not apologizing for you or us. Please reread my post. I apologized for myself and the embarrassment I felt as an American climber to responses we generated to a European climber. What we say to him and other foreign climbers reflects poorly or positively on all American climbers. Now you already know what the rest of the world is thinking about America in general with the current political situation(s) in the world. Our dominance, arrogance, lack or respect, etc... People from other cultures may or may not understand that we are poking fun, or just engaging in “good natured slander”. In this case, based on Kubek’s replies, it appears that what he may have taken away is that these Cascade (i.e., North West, US) climbers are a bunch of assholes, who are no different than the America the rest of the world has grown to dislike, despise, and even hate... He’s gonna tell his friends in Poland, about those assholes, who will tell their friends in Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Austria, Germany, Ukraine, etc. about those assholes, who in turn will pass that on in casual craging conversation to their friends, and so on... Wouldn’t it be much nicer if the story passed on at the crag was how a few guys from Seattle sent this young guy some gear to use, that was safe, and he went on to become an accomplished climber by his definition of accomplished. We need to think about what we say before we say it, and about how it may be interpreted by all who may read it. And if someone can’t or won’t help out when a request for help is made, then they always have the preferable option of not saying anything. Thank you
  4. It very well could be, that’s why I asked him for a mailing address in Poland and some back ground on specific climbs and climbing areas in Poland. I am satisfied that he is legitimate, and am willing to take a chance on the goodness of people...
  5. Hi Kubek, I would like to apologize for the rude and condescending responses you received on the cascadeclimbers.com site. The majority (not all) of the individuals who interact on that site tend to be more interested in "talking shit" and criticizing, as opposed to uplifting and supporting each other. Please do not form your opinion of American climbers based on that website. Most of the serious climbers in the US and in our area are people who are humble, kind, supportive, and you probably will never hear of their accomplishments in the mountains, because they don't post spray before they even unpack their backpacks from a trip (definition of spray: slang for egotistical bragging). Thank you for emailing your mailing address and phone number in Poland. I myself have some used yet serviceable equipment that I have been holding on to waiting for someone in need. I will ask around amongst my climbing circle and see if I can round up a few more items, and hopefully send a package of before too soon. In the meantime, take care, and be safe. Maybe one day we can meet in Zakopane for a climb on the Minich...?
  6. Hi Jason, It sounds like most of the people on this site could use some professional instruction, based on all the bullshit advice they offer. It's good to see that at least you have your systems down! See you in Red Rocks soon I hope
  7. Marcus, Don't do the spray wankers on this site the honor of posting any info... you just get shit for it. Nice work, see you in AK this spring?
  8. That must be Gabe Webster you speak of? I'm the one you saw hitting the wall... Grey and Dark Blue Canopy! Gabe's standard response... "Nice Job Dude... Don't ever Fucking do that again"
  9. He was attempting to clear a ledge 1000ft down, using a wing suit which increases glide ratio. Baring has been BASE jumped with a wing suit successfully a few times and many times without. He did not get the suit flying properly in time but apparently still decided to try to out fly the ledge rather than deploy early. He did not make it. The current consensus based on the other jumpers observations, is that he did not attempt to deploy his parachute. This would imply that it was not a malfunction in gear, rather a costly error in judgment. These are the details we have available now. An inspection of his gear will likely follow.
  10. The Other Reason to go to Norway http://www.blincmagazine.com/cgi-bin/gallery/imageFolio.cgi?direct=Earth/Norway
  11. “Talk Does Not Cook Rice” Ancient Chinese Proverb
  12. “Talk Does Not Cook Rice” Ancient Chinese Proverb
  13. Nodder 1: On Nod? Nodder 2: your On Nod! Nodder 1: Nodding! Nodder 2: Nodd On! Nodder 1: Oh shit I might Nod here, watch me! Nodder 2: I got you Nodder! Just Focus, you can do it! Nodder 1: Wow! Off Nod... Nodder 2: Nod Off! Up Nod! Nodder 1: Your on Nod! Nodder 2: Nodding! Nodder 1: Nod On!
  14. Hey poo and "gang" stop a sec! There sure are a lot of posers who think they know how to talk "nodderese" Can you believe it? Maybe their crampons hit them in the head?
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