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My favorite this weekend photo (share) part 2


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klenke said:

Here's my entry: Mt. Triumph


Jeeez! That is bare. I was out there this time last year and we were able to walk acroass a bunch/most(?) of the glacier, but it doesn't look like you can do that now. I'll have to grab a picture from last year and post it for comparison.


Everything I have seen personally or in pictures is dryer, bare and more clean of snow or glacier than I have ever seen it.... hellno3d.gif

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Tod: we did have to go across small parts of the glacier but not really those parts you can see in the photo. We definitely needed our aluminum crampons for the crossings.


Most of the lower glacier crevasses are no more than 15 feet deep. You can see the slab at the base of the cracks, making the crevasses seem more like low angle schrunds or snow fissures. There aint much blue ice, that's for sure.


The glacier is so thin where we crossed it that you could often hear thunks and bumps of the various blocks as they settled or moved slightly on the slabs. I doubt many of these were due to our weight. The thunks and bumps were disconcerting at times--especially on the return when I stopped right under a big block to put my crampons on.


As we were on the NE Ridge, we could often hear a ruckus down on the glacier. It was so noisy, we were sure we'd easily spot the source of the commotion. Yet, as we would discover by squinting, the noise was emanating from very small ice block "avalanches," not some big serac tumbling. God only knows how loud it would have been had a big serac or ice block tumbled down the slabs.

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