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  1. it aint polite to ask a girls age mutha fuka
  2. deep down inside where i am tenderest i am a woman.
  3. i am a dude pretending to be a chick. it doesnt do much for me sexually but does help when my other alias is banned. luv ya.
  4. the first phase is exercises of 3 sets of 30 reps trying for near failure at the end of the set. endurance gains are very noticeable. for me about 30% i estimate. i have done the whole twfh and didnt put on any significant weight. but do what you want dood. with regard to doing mega sets --100+ reps-- friends that did it incurred joint damage cause their form went to shit during the exercise.
  5. vascularity can be increased witha phase of doing sets of 30 reps. read john long article on 'the workout from hell'. it can be found searching online.
  6. DYSFUNCTION: The only consistent feature of all your dissatifying relationships is YOU. ya. i painfully agree. now i need some alone time for a little cry.
  7. lummox is back in the doghouse. i dont reckon it is overzealousness though. but i dont know exactly what i did. offensively speaking ya know. that is a frustrating thing: being banned but never knowing why. it is a lot like the relationships i have with women.
  8. and the japanese guys who own and run montbell are fukers imho.
  9. i like nice tits. i mean i am a left liberal.
  10. hey girls! lets have a sleepover.
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