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My favorite this weekend photo (share) part 2


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Cpt.Caveman said:

My recent partner for a climb.


I just was running down by gasworks park along the water and some lady was stopped on the trail pointing a stick at something. It was a snake just like that one. She asked if I could move it with the stick since she was afraid too. smile.gif I gave him a quick poke and he slithered off.

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Cpt.Caveman said:

Bug said:

Was it a date climb? grin.gif


She's a hottie I know bigdrink.gif

Sooooo. Is she single or not?

I was present for a bulldozer opening a gartersnake ball one spring in Montana. There were thousands of sluggish snakes inching away for all they were worth. Smelled like a hot day in a sewer.

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Fairweather said:

I went fishing with Trask's ex-wife! Man, can she fish.


Yeah, those are two big ones. Uhmm….I mean four big ones.




Suk, I don’t have a weekend picture but I do have a pic of a small rattlesnake at Skaha in July. We had climbed at Morning Glory Wall (Assistor, 5.10c & Spro Dog, 5.10b); only the last one for me, sketch, on TR. The next morning we were headed to Claim-It-All Wall. I was in front and almost stepped on the snake. We warmed up by climbing routes from south to north including Piggy Monster, Homers’ Wake, Odyssey, and Mental Gymnastics (5.9-5.10a). While the two best climbers did Colours of the Wind and Press the Flesh (5.11a), I thrutched up a 5.9 trad route called Scrotum Fishing, a stem & layback finger crack. I have a pic of Press the Flesh and Scrotum Fishing is visible on the right side. If anyone is interested I can post this pic as an attachment (haven’t figured out yet if I can post multiple attachments in a single posting).


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