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Anyone know a CC-similar site for the Sierras?


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We should have a sierra forum.So many of go down there anyways. I went down there 2x this year when the weather here sucked and it was the bomb . we sent so much shit in stellar weather , I almost puked.

Short tr: Mt Russel, Fishook arete IV-5.8 beau rt on a 14k peak

Sunribbon Arete IV-5.10a : Better than any of our classics here , tyrolean is freaky-bomb.

Incredible Hulk, Ygdrasil: IV-5.10c, Best crack climbing on the planet on the Hulk.

Palisade traverse IV- 5.9. though not the pickets, the closest thing to with bagging 5 , 14.00' peaks galore along the way. .

Many other thing too numerous to spray about.

I will always head there when the season here is typical rain and cloud, cheers

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thelawgoddess said:

minx said:

maybe we should just expand the california/shasta forum to include the sierras and basically all of cali since so many people venure down there?

i agree. thumbs_up.gif


3 votes for(Minxs?) proposal!Lets hear from some moderators.

Wait there are no moderators for this forum? I think

We already spread from Alaska to Lassen , we might as well continue to spread our virus-like influence evils3d.gif


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