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  1. Atomic Rex R:ex Skis 184 cm Salomon 912 bindings

    Reduced to $275
  2. Tommy Chong Out of Prison!

    Be sure to watch Tommy on Jay Leno Show tonight !! ASSCROFT SUCKS !!! Have a great weedend, I meant weekend !
  3. Shasta- time from TH to lk Helen & snow line

    Go to http://www.climbingmtshasta.org/ then click on climbing report.....excellent current data updated every few days by the Shasta Climbing Rangers. National Weather service link there lists the Shasta weather predictions. Usually takes me 40 mins to Horse Camp, additional 1 plus hour to Lake Helen depending on pack load. Happy Climbing !
  4. Go Pistons

    Did you hear what happened to Magic Johnson the last time he drove in Detroit ? He blew a piston !
  5. Alpine Solo Tent ?

    Searching for a bomb proof one man plus gear tent... narrowed it down to either the Bibler I tent or Integral Designs MK1 lite tent, which is better ? Thanks for any answers or suggestions !
  6. Orizaba! Who wants to play frisbe 2-23-04

    How much were the tix,from Spokane or Seattle ? please leave the frisbee on the summit so I can use it then, thanks
  7. I'm looking for a new secretary.

    That should let up as you get older. Thats when you should start your dependency on Viagra !
  8. I'm looking for a new secretary.

    If her top is snug, she will win the Empolyee of the Month Award !
  9. Skins

    Got a new pair of Teledaddies, wondering which toe loop is wide enuf for those skis. I plan on getting the 110 mm STS Glidelites, just want to be sure of the fit. Thanks for your input.
  10. Arcteryx RT45 pack FS

    Nice technical pack however I made the mistake of buying it online before demo-ing in store and it doesnt fit me well. Used about 5 times. Size M/M $100.00 plus shipping (approx 10 bucks) or can meet in Eugene/Springfield area. Also Thule ski rack for gutter, import size vehicle, $30.00 mtndave#hotmail.com or PM
  11. Total BS - I really feel safe now

    Cool Link.... I will feel safer when Bush gets discharged from his presidency.
  12. Let's buy a present for DRU!

    Thought it was gonna be the neck massager that was featured on the movie, American Wedding !
  13. Best after climb food

    Izzys Pizza, all you can eat buffet !
  14. Squamish Motel Question

    Thanks for the links to the accomodations however after reading all the hoopla on how to be a ultra cheapskate on CC.com, I decided to skin up Blackcomb with AT and camping gear. Get a non-validated ticket from a supermarket as mentioned on an old thread , build a multi level snow cave per instructions from the new thread on hardcore snow-camping and after reading about RUNNY eggs I rather cook my own breakfast. Heck I could spend a week or a month up there skiing the upper lifts for free !!