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  1. A Memorial Day trip to the Sierra. www.geocities.com/spow49/Basin.html
  2. tahquitz

    dude, I live two hrs from both Josh, and Tahquitz. Personally I prefer Josh. As far as weather, depends when you will be there. If its early fall go to Tahquitz, if late fall, Josh. One thing to remember about Tahquitz is the route finding. If you are strong on following lines you won't have a problem. However, most people(including me) have gotten off route at Tahquitz. Having said all that, I prefer the longer(7 pitch) more moderate(5.7/8) routes on the north face. As someone said, Suicide is across the valley. Climbing is more straight forward there. Keep in mind, the face routes at Suicide are not sport climbs.
  3. I'm going here......

    who is bob van belle?
  4. pretty ambitious for your first trip to the Valley. nice read. glad you made it.

    just got back from Yose. had a great time. wish I lived closer.
  6. rc.com is lame

    rc.com is also known as gumbies.com
  7. Good book for multipitch beginners?

    it's also important(when swapping leads) to know how to rack gear on a gear sling. some people like gear with biners facing in; or small cams inside, bigger stuff outside.
  8. Good book for multipitch beginners?

    Muffy, rope management is just something that needs practice. got to go out and climb more multipitch routes.
  9. Power Places

    Tuolumne Meadows Joshua Tree(just before sunset) Grand Canyon
  10. 39 buried in Utah Avalanche!

    one thing you learn in avy school is to be aware of what is above you
  11. bump. thinking of last weekend of March.
  12. [TR] Lee Vining- Main Wall 2/16/2004

    dude, Upper Crust pizza is the place to go for pizza in Bishop. Lee Vining has been good this year. sorry to hear about the fp.
  13. looking for Red Rocks partner(s)for late March/early April
  14. State Of The Union

    I thought he was suppose to give the State of the Union of the US, not the State of the Union of Iwrack.
  15. t3's

    I ski in a pair of T3's. the tongues rub rashes on my shins. anyone else have this problem?