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      Thanks for visiting Cascadeclimbers.com.   Yep, we are still going!    Just put a new coat of paint on the site. Still the same old community of climbers, skiers, and people who love to get outdoors. Hope you had a great 2021, and wish you the best for 2022 and beyond.  Thanks again for stopping by.
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#1 Soloing Moonlight Buttress in 11hrs 20min

#2-tie The Titan and Echo Tower in the Fishers.

#2-tie Polar Circus back in March.


Looking forward to winter.............................


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1) First to sign the register on Jack this year (N Ridge route)

2) Mt. Rainier with wife and two boys (age 16 and 14)

3) Spickard & Redoubt, what a beautiful place


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Wow, you guys/gals are awesome!


It's hard to narrow it down, but being unemployed all summer and spending a total of about 6 days out of 7 weeks in Seattle rocked. Here is my summer:



Cragging in Red Rocks with newbie climber freinds, Cat in Hat, Frogland, Presents of Mind (my first 5.12)



Shuksan, North Face

Orbit, Snow Creek Wall

Da Toof (girlfriend's first trad lead)



Outer Space, Snow Creek Wall, thumbs_up.gif

Orbit, Snow Creek Wall, (again)

Rainier, Liberty Ridge (DIDN'T DIE! my number one accomplishment of the summer thumbs_up.gif )

Cragging in Squamish three days (Diedre for the third time rolleyes.gif)

Cragging in Leavenworth for four days, Givler's Crack thumbs_up.gif



Guiding newbies up Mt. Olympus (blue glacier)

Solo traverse of Denny Creek Ridge (Freedom! Ecstacy! thumbs_up.gif )

Cragging in Darrington (two days)

Direct East Buttress on SEWS ( rockband.gif !!!!)

SW Rib of SEWS

Black Peak, NE ridge (solo)

Liberty Bell, NW corner

Glacier Peak, Frostbite Ridge, (most scenic climb of the year thumbs_up.gif )



Index cragging (Breakfast of Champions, Godzilla, Princely, etc.)

Mt. Triumph, NE ridge

Smith Rock cragging, three days (Moonshine Dihedral thumbs_up.gif )

Eldorado, East Ridge

Darrington cragging, Safe Sex smileysex5.gif, West Butt moon.gif Blueberry,


September: NW corner on NEWS

Southwest face on Kangaroo Temple

"WA Pass WOO-HOO" party bigdrink.gifmushsmile.gifhahaha.gif

My first pub club bigdrink.gifbigdrink.gifbigdrink.gif

Kayaking with Orcas in Johnstone Strait, Vancouver Island (just got back thumbs_up.gif )



Some items on the list if the weather allows:

SF Prusik

N. ridge Stuart

NE butt. Slesse (probably too late)

More Index cragging! thumbs_up.gif



Sorry if I got carried away. Anybody wanna go climbing? thumbs_up.gif




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1) Graduating from UW

2) Tangerine Trip on El Cap...and not killing my lame ass partner

3)Zodiac on El CAp- Solo


Haven't climbed since....the real world sucks...

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Thanks for sharing your top three (or more!), everyone.


Here are mine:


1) Torment-Forbidden Traverse in a long day from high camp in Boston Basin -- magnificent!


2) Climbing Serpentine Arete with my girlfriend on her birthday -- her first Grade IV!


3) Two week climbing trip to the Sierras, quite good despite frequent afternoon thunderstorms and rain. Highlights were Cathedral Peak, Eichorn Pinnacle, Nutcracker, and West Crack on DAFF Dome, plus a day at Lover's Leap . . . Beautiful rock down there!!!

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1) Doing the extended version of Dream of Wild Turkeys in Red Rocks (11p, 10a) - April 03 - (being first in line on Crimson Chrysalis ahead of many slower parties was fun too!)


2) West Ridge of Conness and North Arete of Bear Creek Spire over three days in the High Sierra.


3) Liberty Crack in a day - last Sunday! (7th 50 most crowded so far)


Last summer, topping out on Kilimanjaro (Machame Barafu route) with my wife on our honeymoon would have been one - especially since she is not really a climber and has never been anywhere even close to 19.5K.



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1- onsighting the leftside of the split pillar!!! fuck yeah

2- Climbing the Replicant with my buds Steve and Roger!!! super fuck yeah

3- Climbing the Smear of Fear on the diamond- way super fuck yeah cool!!!



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1. Spending the month of June in Yosemite climbing nearly everday, and too many classics to list here.

2. Spending the month of July in Squamish climbing too much to list.

3. Not working all Summer an climbing nearly everyday rockband.gif


thumbs_down.gif not doing as much alpine as I should have.

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1. go someplace in the world i've never been

2. climb there

3. improve my ice climbing skills

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