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    Thanks D - I have the New Climbs list posted up on www.westcoastice.com now (in the new blog format). Is there a quick way for you to verify it's 4.1? Cheers, Adrian
  2. West Coast Ice Conditions 09/10

    Thanks D, I have www.westcoastice.com re-routing to the new blog format now, so you can get to it via both www.westcoastice.com and westcoastice.wordpress.com Cheers, Adrian
  3. Lilloet Ice Conditions?

    I've been getting quite a few reports on the Duffey, Marble, and the Bridge River. I've posted them all (plus some nice pics) to my 2005-2006 Conditions page. Check out http://www.westcoastice.com/Page60.aspx for the latest reports. Adrian (Westcoastice.com webmaster)
  4. Hi All, I have gotten a bunch of reports over the weekend and posted them to www.westcoastice.com The current conditions page for 05/06 is at http://www.westcoastice.com/Page60.aspx I spliced in a bunch of reports from here on cc.com as well as some that were emailed to me directly. Enjoy.... Adrian
  5. Hi All. As many of you know, I've been posting regular conditions reports on www.westcoastice.com In the last few weeks, I have been getting a ton of New Routes reports - and have copied some in from cascadeclimbers.com as well. Right now they live on my Current Conditions page - http://www.westcoastice.com/Page13.aspx Eventually, I will go through Don's new guidebook and delete any duplicates from my "New Routes" page post-WCI2. If you've done a new route in BC and don't see it on my Current Conditions or New Routes pages, send me a report and I will make sure it gets there - adrianburke23@yahoo.com That way the ice climbing community can have a single online (and Don Serl-sanctioned!) new route resource... one that you don't have to search for hours to find info. Cheers, Adrian
  6. Web Links For Ice Conditions and Routes

    You already know mine! http://www.westcoastice.com/Page13.aspx I have both Current Conditions and a New Ice Climbs page - though all those New Climbs will appear in Don's new guidebook when it hits the shelves. Cheers, Adrian
  7. BC Ice Climbing Report - www.westcoastice.com

    Yeah.... I have to fix that - the login page is not for registering. I have to tweak the site so that page does not come up. The software is just being uncooperative. Adrian
  8. BC Ice Climbing Report - www.westcoastice.com

    I posted a report and some pictures from Cayoosh Creek/ Duffey Lake Road: http://www.westcoastice.com/Page13.aspx Cheers, Adrian
  9. BC Ice Climbing Report - www.westcoastice.com

    Did anyone go up to Lillooet this weekend? Sounds like it was cold enough for some ice to finally start solidifying: http://www.theweathernetwork.com/weather/cities/can/Pages/CABC0172.htm If you were, send me a report at adrianburke23@yahoo.com and I will post it on www.westcoastice.com Cheers, Adrian
  10. Hi All. I have started up the BC Ice Climbing Report and conditions page again this year. Email me at adrianburke23@yahoo.com if you have any news of ice.... I will post your conditions updates on the Ice Report's new home -- www.westcoastice.com As many of you will know, the BC Ice Report has lived on the Climbers' Access Society of BC (CASBC) website since 1997. Since those pages were improved and updated over the summer of 2004 (now www.access-society.ca), it was decided that the Ice Report should no longer exist as a subset of the CASBC website.... so I took it upon myself to give the reports their own home. Content and updates depend on you in the local ice climbing community, so if you would like these pages continue, please send me your ice reports, trip reports, etc. The site is a work in progress and I hope to add more trip reports, new ice climbs (I will remove redundant new climb reports once Don Serl's new guide is out!) and pictures over the next few months. Send me anything you'd like to see on the site. Cheers, Adrian PS The name "West Coast Ice" is, in my opinion, Don Serl's property, since he created that name for his guidebook (inc. the soon to be released second edition). He will own the URL as well, and I will be posting reports to that URL with his permission.
  11. True that! We commented on the at least 100 cars along the E. Harrison FSR and the piles of garbage everywhere. Deee-sguting! It would be a totally nice beach - except for the damn humans. Adrian "Hell is other people" - Sartre
  12. Dru and snoboy are right.... we went N-S, reversing the typical traverse direction. Adrian
  13. Wow... that does look way easier than our way. Like you said - sticking further left would have put us where I saw the ledges once we were down. Cheers, Adrian
  14. Dru... once we were down at the col, we could see 3rd class ledges on the East side of the peak. It did seem that we could have gone off the East side right at the top and not had to rap, but once we started rapping we were committed. There were rap slings, so we couldn't have been the first.... not that it's always smart to follow other people's leads! Adrian
  15. Don and Dru - we brought bikes the first time we tried this and they were great on the way out - but on the way in they sucked. I think that the overall energy expended was less by walking. I am not a very experienced mountain biker, and found the road too steep to ride. We walked the bikes most of the way - which took too much work. So this second time we opted to walk it all and it seemed like less energy all around. A little longer without that fast ride out, but.... We left at 5:45AM from the truck (slept at the start Friday night), at the base of the rock by noon and on the top shortly before 3PM. The descent took awhile - we basically reversed the South to North traverse described in the guide - steep 3rd class to some rap slings, an overhanging rap, then a second (would have been one 55m rap with two ropes). Then scrambled to the col and down the scree to the lake (pain in the ass!). We got back to the car at 10PM, but we hung around the lake for an hour or more recovering from the heat. Long day all around - I am doing more and more of these 16-18 hour days and for some reason thinking I want to do more. Anyway... cool suggestion Don - great fun on that cool gabbro rock... Adrian