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[TR] Sperry Peak - Standard 11/25/2023


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Trip: Sperry Peak - Standard

Trip Date: 11/25/2023

Trip Report:


It was a good day to be out and stretch the legs on a classic blue-collar outing.  Even better, we had the mountain to ourselves on a beautiful Saturday.  There were just enough shenanigans to keep it interesting, but not so many as to detract from the fun.  The yin and yang of scrapping up pointy things with a couple of good friends is an excellent reminder that the simple things in life are pretty much all you need.  And whiskey. 




Mile High Club:


Heading up Headlee:


It was solid:


@Trent getting some extra work in before we found the correct start (Thanks JGAP!):


Vesper and Wolf Peaks:


@cfire topping out:


North sides of Del Campo and Morningstar:




Vesper (note tracks of the Saturday masses):




@Trent loves blue collar shenanigans:



The boyz heading back to Headlee Pass:


@Trent at Headless Pass, taking in the end of the day:





Gear Notes:
Helmet, axe, crampons

Approach Notes:
Headlee Pass trail. Road is passable by 2wd to TH. Trail snow free to basin between Mile High Club and Sperry. About 2 feet of snow on Sperry and Vesper. Flotation not needed.

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Nice!  I did that back in 2017 with Chuck (RIP) along with True Grit on Vesper after another party just beat us to the base of Mile High Club.  Quite enjoyable as I recall.  More brushy and less snowy for us though.

It certainly looks like you had more snow than R and I found in the Tatoosh on Saturday.  Here's to more coverage soon!

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1 hour ago, JasonG said:

Oh interesting @robertm...we were looking at that ridge and wondering about it. But it looked sporty in the conditions we found (and we weren't prepared).

I climbed it about the same time of the year as you and took a tool, crampons and light rack (stoppers, alpine draws, a few pins and 4 cams) -- you could make it harder but there was always an escape to easier ground.  Crux was up a gully / corner with good pro and rock at 5.5.   Will try to find a photo or two.


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