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Pub Club - Seattle Area?


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1 hour ago, Otto said:

I would be up for this if it were at a place with outdoor seating. I haven't had so much as a cold in over two years, and don't want to get one now.

For sure...same.  Knock on wood.  Definitely outdoors.  Also I'll buy you a beer if you can figure out how to get Jason down here too.

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I'm down. Also strongly prefer outdoor venue.

FWIW, Lower Woodlawn Park (near Greenlake) has lots of picnic tables that are first come first served at the moment (homeless camps removed). Alcohol probably not allowed in park, but no one is going to care as long as you don't light the forest on fire. Most spots are quite nice.

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OK the shower is in at the folks.  So...next week?  Mid-week?  We could either brown bag it as Rad mentions or if anyone knows a good place with spacious outdoor seating, that would probably work too.   All are welcome....I guess, unless you're not of the age to make it into an establishment if thats what we do.

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