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  1. Warming in Al Gore's room

    "I won't let that moron get away with it"? What exactly are you doing about it?
  2. UGH. Lost # 4 Camalot at Index

    Summitchaser--what windshirt do you recommend for climbing the Girth Pillar?
  3. Warming in Al Gore's room

    54-year old masseuse charges 500/hour?
  4. Wheelsets

    I have a Lemond Poprad (cyclocross) that I use for long rides as well as daily commuting when not riding my fixie. I just noticed that the rear wheel is cracked so its time for a new wheelset. Recommendations? I ride pretty rough on some shitty pavement/trails. I need something durable yet lightweight. I put about 7-10K miles on my bike a year.
  5. Wheelsets

    I ended up with a set of Velocity Dyads.
  6. Last Great Act of Defiance

    Leopard gets revenge Potentially NSFW
  7. Rocketboxes, what do you think

    Get one that opens on both sides.
  8. [TR] Ruth Mt-ski-down - 6/8/2010

    fantastic pics gentlemen!

    Do you know why most polish names end in "ski"? wait for it. . . Because they can't spell toboggan
  10. Wheelsets

    Because I think this wheelset (Bontrager) is shit. I had a bianchi for years and never had to touch the rims, these rims I am always fucking with. These particular wheels have about 35K miles on them.
  11. getting old

    Dru and Bill are sitting on a park bench watching a dog in front of them lick his balls. Dru goes "I wish I could do that." Bill replies, "don't you think you should pet him first?"
  12. Burns Area Climbers?

    Steens is on the butterfly migratory path as well. Spectacular.
  13. South Sister conditions

    With the warming temps I would be careful of avys. I was up there Memorial Day weekend and set off minor sloughs in the late afternoon.
  14. Netbooks

    I bought my netbook for use in a month-long trial in Montana. I was able to run Outlook, Word and surf the web (via wifi) all at the same time. I also connected it to a projector to run powerpoints, slide shows and video. I paid $200 for it. Its definitely not my primary computer but for traveling I've been super happy with it. Its been to Europe a few times and spent a month bouncing around in my backpack in South America.
  15. Netbooks

    I've been using an MSI Wind for over a year now with no problems. Its running XP though the new ones are running 7.
  16. No--Larry and I did RTL (first pitch) years ago and it was fine. I can't remember what we were on. According to the topo we were next to RTL on an "unnamed project" which likely explains the rotten rock.
  17. Sobo-- Larry, Wes and I were on Goose Egg a couple weeks ago and it was fine. No snow at all--and it dries off pretty fast after a rain. The rock is shit though--I pulled off three holds on the first pitch alone.
  18. N. sister, pole creek trailhead beta?

    In case others are wondering, the gate at Bachelor is open but there's no place to pull out and park anywhere beyond that. Still 3-4' of snow at Dutchman (per the Rangers).
  19. Nalgene D**k

    Of course you understand that none of the actions which you describe are going to give you additional length, girth, or make you into the man she so desperately wants you to be. You show a strange fascination with his penis.
  20. The bill that will make most of you illegal

    Ya gotta wonder about Drew and his collection of porn links.
  21. The bill that will make most of you illegal

    Even golden retrievers have limits on what they will do.
  22. Still kevbone's fault?

    I heard Kevbone pushed their nest in the water
  23. Home Wifi questions

    Well that explains a lot! Thanks for that info
  24. The bill that will make most of you illegal

    Fairweather reaches the hallowed halls of post-secondary education in middle age and he's suddenly the mouthpiece of the intelligentsia.
  25. OMG, Hottie on Everest

    Wrong. Everyone has their price.