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  1. I will go ahead and eat crow. Goes to show what happens when you assume.
  2. I would reckon to guess this was Baker Mountain Guides.
  3. Wait, that's NOT Rainier???!! No wonder I've always been so confused...
  4. @dberdinka, let's hear some stories about the effort it took to put up Ellation!? It seems that there is tons of potential up there for someone with enough motivation.
  5. Does the duffle full of crystal automatically qualify this TR for "Best of CC.com"??!!
  6. Support the Access Fund! They're doing great things for hardware replacement too!
  7. Not climbing but... When I was 19 a friend and I went out to ski Mt Herman on a day with considerable avalanche danger. We were young and eager. Ignoring natural avalanche activity on the way up, we stuck to our original plan of skiing down the trees on the skiers left side of the main gut on the south east face rather than skiing back down the skin track like we should have. When I dropped in to the gut I cut off a thick wind slab that swept down all the way to the valley floor. Unbeknownst to me, my friend and local hardcore, Woods was boot packing up the gut solo at the time that I triggered the slab. Woods was taken by the slide, carried several hundred feet and somehow with incredible luck swept out onto a bench where he stopped. Fortunately he was uninjured. That day I learned that if you do not adjust the plan based on observations or if you don't allow new information to factor into your plan you can get killed or get your friends killed real fast. Fortunately, I haven't had a total near death epic while climbing but I can think of some other scary and humbling moments in climbing that perhaps I will share later.
  8. I think 101 Hikes has it dialed. Nooksack Cirque is wicked strenuous, not for the faint of heart, and the Trog is full of rat feces. Guaranteed Hantavirus if you sleep there.
  9. This is so freakin inspiring from a weekend warrior standpoint. Thanks for the motivation, y'all are my heroes!
  10. No doubt! Thanks for sharing that!
  11. Westerlund and Burnside were wearing freakin leather boots, using primitive mountain gear and smoking cigarettes which is way more badass than any modern speed freak records. That type of hardman doesn't exist anymore.
  12. I had also read that they were using the dulfersitz rappel. What a horrible situation to be in after watching your partner perish. Glad he was able to be rescued, you think he'll give it another go?
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