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  1. Royal Robbins Booksigning: 2/27 11 - 1pm

    Anyone head over for this? I was working, but my loving wife went by and bought both his books and had them signed. Said he was a nice guy.
  2. Bad experience at Feathered Friends

    I was by FF for the first time a few weeks ago. I'll usually buy from REI cause it's like leasing gear. Return something for something else. They didn't have the crampons I wanted (Sabertooth Pros) and I knew FF would. Sure enough. I ask a few questions, got great service, walked out with some 'pons. I also bought a BD nut tool and asked at the register if I could go pound it into a crack at Index. That got a laugh. My brother ordered a bag and got excellent service. Props to FF. If I had more money, I would've been browsing the sale a bit more...
  3. Casting Call for MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS

    Leverage is a pretty entertaining show. At least I'll know ahead of time to be disappointed at the climbing scenes... If my expectations are so low, I can't really be disappointed, right? We can heckle from afar!
  4. Questions on Vantage Area rock

    Closet actual bathroom we've found is there are some bathrooms open during the day at the boat launch in Vantage, right off the exit. Although nothing beats dropping one on top of a mesa...
  5. Mountain Hardware Alchemy Jacket size L. Great jacket, wore it for a year, never in the mountains. Eventually decided that for this area, I need a shell with a hood 3.5 seasons out of the year. In really great condition! Sheds water really well. WINDSTOPPER softshell material. More info: http://www.mountainhardwear.com/Alchemy™-Jacket/OM2478,default,pd.html Questions, feel free to post up or PM. MSRP is around $140. Selling for $65, located in Seattle area. Would prefer local sell, but will ship.
  6. Rock Shoe Naming Contest

    Crocasyms Or would that just evoke more trouble?
  7. Say it isn't so...

    I've heard, and seen from topos, that it isn't just a straight bolt ladder sport climb and needs some extra gear. Yes? No?
  8. Say it isn't so...

    Our boy Colin Haley posted up over on his blog: http://colinhaley.blogspot.com/. Has photos from when Garibotti chopped bolts, and then we he and Garibotti went back and did some more. And Colin has had some coversations with Lama. Best line of the blog:
  9. Book help needed

    My first time climbing at Vantage, my brother goes, "You know sobo, on CC?" My reply, "Yea." He says, "Read up on why he doesn't climb here anymore." Suffice to say, I have the utmost respect for sobo and dwell on that story each time I'm out there. In other news, it's awesome that you want to get your facts straight on this story!
  10. LASIK?

    I got caught in a crazy sandstorm in China one time and I found out real quick that this is true. Definitely cursed having contacts, which I normally don't. I dream of getting LASIK done someday.
  11. Guiding as a Career?

    My favorite: What's the difference between God and a mountain guide? God doesn't think he's a mountain guide
  12. Alpental Conditions Update

    The second pick is a close up of the first, once we got up there. Glad it's familiar to someone
  13. Alpental Conditions Update

    Was also up in the area on Saturday. We were the only morons wandering around without flotation. Saw some good sign. We went up to check out this section. Looked better than most! Wasn't long by any means. Never got higher than my axe as the trees above us starting raining snow on us pretty regularly. Then we realized we had one helmet between us. Another day. And next time we'll bring snowshoes.
  14. more retro bolts, really?

    I know prezwood pretty well and have climbed with him before. Great guy, great climber. Not saying retro bolting is cool, and some of his friends even call him out in the thread.
  15. Colin "distilled"?

    Anyone take notes at Wednesday's session with Colin? I heard it was awesome. Dane? You had to have been there I couldn't make it due to an even class I have during the same time...
  16. WTB Rock Shoes

    And Marmot Mountain Works in Bellevue has a small selection of used gear, including some rock shoes last time I was there.
  17. Shipping to Alaska

    Oh yea, forgot about Lyden. AML and Boyer mainly service SE AK, where I'm from
  18. Shipping to Alaska

    I'm originally from AK and used to ship a pallet of stuff to and from college. It's not too bad. Boyer Barge Lines (Northland Services) or Alaska Marine Lines (AML) are your ticket. They both have offices in Seattle.
  19. Fabrics for Custom Packs

    +3 for helpfulness. Thanks guys. I'm on the Eastside, so Marmot is closer, but I've been meaning to swing into Second Ascent anyway. I've been wanting to try some and fiddle a bit. My brother has one and swears by it.
  20. Fabrics for Custom Packs

    Does Feathered Friends still stock a few Cilo packs?
  21. Mt Shuksan Southeast Ridge Route Beta

    I've been eyeing the SE Ridge, as it looks a lot more fun than a crammed gully. Thanks for all the beta!