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  1. Yesterday I brought down a pack that had been left on Baker for a couple of weeks. If it's yours get in touch so I can return it. Cheers Don
  2. if you've got a pair that you'd like to sell please email me. doesn't have to be brand new, just something with plenty of life left in 'em. if you're interested in trading for some climbing gear, let me know what you're looking for. Thanks! wargowsky @ hotmail . com
  3. Thanks for the feedback everyone! I appreciate you checking out the video. I started climbing and Pittsburgh, and just a assumed that that's what the climbing scene was like everywhere. Since then, I've moved to the New River Gorge, and now Colorado. I still haven't found anything like the group of climbers in Pittsburgh. Don't get me wrong, I've met some AMAZING climbers in WV and CO. Just not a big group that hangs out together like in the Burg. Thanks again for the responses!
  4. I'm glad the humble vibe came across. Not trying to be anything that we're not, or compete with the "big boys." Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it!
  5. this is a film that I put together about climbers from Pittsburgh doing first ascents on rock and ice in Newfoundland. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fort-William-Mountain-Festival-Film-Competition/168830326527336 The video is titled "Ice Vikings" and is the 3rd video form the top of the page. I'm trying to win this film comp, so please hit the "like" button under the video. If you have any feedback that could help me make the video better i'd love to hear your opinion! Thanks for your help and I hope you enjoy the video!!
  6. Brand spankin' new set of Nomics. These still have the tags on and have never been outside. They're the 2009 model. $475 shipped. Email me at wargowsky(at)hotmail(dot)com
  7. Any good advise for shipping gear and food to Alaska? Airline rates are insane. UPS and USPS aren't much better. Is there a cheaper way to get a couple hundred pounds of gear/food up there without paying $300-$400? I realize that I could cut weight by buying food in Anchorage (instead of shipping it), but I'd hate to waste a day buying and repackaging food when I could be climbing. Any advise?
  8. I need parts for an old pair of Silvretta bindings. Here's a picture of the model that I have: If anyone has a functioning set, or even a broken pair that could be used for parts I would be VERY interested in buying them. Also, if you happen to know a shop somewhere that may have parts for this binding that would be great too. Thanks!
  9. "Sweet! Can't wait for the round the clock nation wide coverage of PMR's next search." easy there big guy. i never said that i was interested in killing myself. just looking for recommendations IF things cleared up by the time I got there. they didn't. i checked conditions, it wasn't in, i didn't go.
  10. I couldn't care less who the douchiest people of cascade climbers are. I'm heading out to Rainier next week. If anyone has some firsthand info on weather/avi conditions I love to hear it, even from the douches.
  11. for what it's worth, the lift starts running at 7am as of June 1. I'm planning to be there on the 4th. your right, the forecast isn't looking to good, but i only make it out west once or twice a year. so i have to make due with whatever weather i've got. any recommendations for route considering my time line and the weather? would making a quick run up the hogs back be my best bet?
  12. I'm flying into Seattle next week and I want to try Hood before heading to Rainier. Because of my schedule, won't be able to get there until 6 or 7am. I'm considering taking the lifts to shave off and hour or two of the approach (yeah yeah...i know i'm a pussy, but i'm getting a late start, and want to get as high as possible as quickly as possible) anyway, any recommendations for single day routes on Hood for this time of year? I'd REALLY like to avoid the standard route. I'm considering Leuthold, Reid, or Wy'East. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  13. sorry, I don't have anything that i can trade. I'm just looking to buy a set.
  14. bump still looking for a pair of AT bindings that will easily fit on mountaineering boots.
  15. Feck, I'm interested in those 404s. Do you still have them?
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