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  1. Nice job throwing your partner under the bus. You could accomplish your goal by just saying, "we lost a green alien blah blah blah." Drop the blame game...
  2. AlpineM, Water, Fair (recent posters) if you have the time, I would be interested in specific examples of areas, or cases, where this sort of progression has taken place. I'd love to read more about it. And to be clear, not the Wilderness Watch horror stories, which few of us would stand behind. I'm trying to think specifically about climbing ranger programs that have led to measurable barriers on access. I'm not being snarky, either. Seriously. On this issue, I reside somewhere in between skeptical and naive. I feel I understand pretty clearly where the OPEN TO IT crowd comes from. That point-of-view comes naturally to me. But I have reservations, and I follow your logic. So, I'd be interested in specific examples, if any come to mind. Sometimes CC is more fun to just spew on, but I don't think that's where you're coming from. So, if you can share some specifics, it's much appreciated. N
  3. Those of you who've been around a bit, can you provide a couple of examples to think about: 1) Areas that actually do need climbing rangers, and benefit from them 2) Areas that don't need them, but have them, and are worse for it 3) Areas that need them, but don't have them It's a big country, I'm assuming there are examples of each. Was Leavenworth the 4th kind of place (past-tense): Doesn't need them, didn't have them? N
  4. You're so intent on making your point, your reading comprehension has checked out for the day. No one is saying you can do 60m raps with a 58m rope. Duh. Genes example is a 65m rap with a 70 and 60. Pretend, for a mInute, you don't know how long the rap is, because you forgot your beta-filled guidebook in your roamIng dogs crag-pack at the base. You asked for an example. The not-so-hard to understand example is you see one end of the rope on the ground, and assume both are. You are wrong, and rap off the end of the short rope. You can fill in your own numbers. You fall either a short...or long...distance. This is fairly easy to picture. The specific numbers and lengths don't matter.
  5. Thanks, Ivan. I thought I might find you here in Spray. Cheers, and I'll give the reading a listen. Great quote...thanks again for sharing. N
  6. Actual reason for posting...: Ivan, what the hell is that "Wise king don't grieve" line you always post on farewell threads? I always enjoy that quote...cheers. Tangent...: Why the hell does cc's search function suck so terribly? I spent the last 20 min trying to find it, and ivan has only posted it like 100 times...Jesus. I mean, I mean come on...we all know how to search for stuff...keywords, quotation marks..but I've never been able master cc's rather cryptic (inept) search function. I enter "wise," and older than 1 day, and I get like 4 results from last month....guuuu? Thanks anyone else who can locate it, or Ivan. Maybe I just need to practice more. Long live cc.com. Where would we be without you. N
  7. As if it's that simple. Maybe those who choose to forgo making the most modicum of efforts to aid S&R (should it be needed), like a locator/beacon/cell phone/etc, should also formally opt-out of any publicly-funded rescue assistance.
  8. It sounds like the FS did this particular repair job with the utmost care and respect. In the broader context, though, I'm glad someone who disagrees has the right to challenge. Maybe this particular case is flimsy, unwarranted, or initiated with ulterior motives, but I'll trust the courts to deal with it appropriately. If they broke the law, and stepped outside their bounds, then maybe the law needs to be re-written. But that's a different discussion. We all have to operate within the current confines of the law, so let's hope the FS did. N
  9. Ok, here's a start... At first glance, I know most drool over the thought of the lines to the right side of the face, lookers left of the shaded spur/lower ridge-thingy. The "obvious weakness," though, might be the far left of this pic? Either of these arrows close to your line? Arm-chair mtn-eers, unlike yourselves (!), want to know. Cheers, N (Scurlock, but you already knew that)
  10. Someone get these guys a scurlock photo, so we can see just how this party went down. Nice job!...one of the few remaining un-plucked winter "GREATS." Noah
  11. You must have spyed something else whilst climbing this...I won't ask what, but looking forward to reading about it! Nice job! N
  12. Used a spot for years, with good results around the cascades. Plenty accurate and reliable in my experience, given the specs and cost. Even used it in one emergency scenario with good effect. I think the best thing it affords is a defense against the unwanted/unwarranted overdue climber rescue. We had it set-up so that one of the two customizable messages indicated I'd be overdue, but was otherwise fine. Sat phones are pretty expensive for just checking in (though they'd probably do it better), and PLB's can't send anything but emergency calls (though they're more effective at it). Spot is the only thing right now that attempts to bridge the two. It's a legit option if you need what it does. Just recognize it's inherent limitations. PM if you want to hear more. Noah
  13. I thought I recognized Wayne's face among the switchbacks below cascade pass. I was wondering what might have just been tackled. Nice job guys! You made it look good (?). --N
  14. Seriously, in the above TR, where's the "I'm so grateful for the park service's helpful attention, and humbled to see the effect of my choices reverberate through the community. I owe you one!"
  15. Just out of curiosity: On these routine 50+ mi jaunts, how much time do you spend running, and how often do you just walk/hike super fast? --N
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