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  1. 24 hour shifts, there slowly killing me.
  2. I hate thieves, I'll keep an I eye open in the Portland area.
  3. Thanks Matt The stuff I have seen so far looks great. Oh Yeah i saw the smiley face. Nice rainbow
  4. Instant gratification? Way to be a dick. I can see jeff is your hero and all I was just wondering if anybody else got there poster man. Thanks for your quick perusal in this matter.
  5. I was wondering if any of you that donated money to Jeff Lowe's Metanoia project received your poster ect. I don't really care about the material items just don't want to feel taken. I've donated to projects before and had them not live up to there promises. The updates have slowed down is the film funded?
  6. Thanks iain Is route finding hard this time of year or is it pretty straight foward? Using the pole creek entrance.
  7. June 5th I'm wanting to go down and climb the north. Which trail head are you talking about for access? I want to start at the obsidian trailhead do you think I'll have access by the 5th?
  8. I'm going down to yosemite in sept. for the first time. And I'm staying in the upper pines campground. I'm wondering the best way to get to different climbing spots in the valley. If I drive over to cookie cliff is there going to be parking or is this out of the question. Any info would be appreciate. Thanks Chris
  9. Looks sweet! Last time I was down south I got poison oak not fun!
  10. I love people who talk shit but can't take it. Personly I like when people tell me I am making a bad choice on the mountain. But there is a way to say It respectfully. No helmet today? May not be the best approach. I think I would have told you to fuck off. Your job is to climb the mountain not talk shit.
  11. Thanks for the back round on your voting history I fell much better. And a little confused.
  12. Yes but I like clouds of emotion. There much cooler than than logic.
  13. Funny Ivan Wow I now hate three groups lawyers, lobbyist, and rei.
  14. I've been there a couple times and felt a bad vibe when I was there both times. Don't intend to go back. A sad week.
  15. You need to get in touch with the "three cups of tea" dude. He will teach you how to scam the public and set up your "for profit" non-profit.
  16. Thanks for the feedback guys.
  17. I bought a fission and its under three and keeps me warm. That's my 3.5 cents.
  18. I was looking at getting one of these. Are they worth it?
  19. Kuk. Any one that drinks and drives should be in jail. Yes he may not have caused the accident but he also may have been impaired and not able to avoid it. You have a responsibility as a driver and as a father to avoid a swerving car or breaking a Childs neck. Sorry I can't bring myself to like the guy.
  20. I made a chair once and I got a couple sets at goodwill for about 10 bucks a set. Free is better but its a back up plan.
  21. I need a a set of universal crampons. I only have a budget of about 50 dollars plus shipping I was wondering if anyone has a set they need to get rid of. Thanks Chris
  22. Thanks Chris for the info. I think I need to quit my job and spend some more time down there.
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