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  1. Building my kid a small table and chairs out of branches. Looking to weave the sit and back on the chairs out of old rope. Looking for some thing in the 8.9 size range but not to picky. Don't want to spend a ton so if any one has ropes that aren't good for climbing any more let me know. Thanks Chris
  2. Does anyone know where I can buy raw down? I can't seem to find any place on the web that sells just down. Need it for a sewing project. Thanks
  3. Hi Pretty new to backcountry skiing and finally broke down and bought a setup. But I still need to buy skins. I bought BD aspect skis and was wonder best brand and bang for your buck. I also see them pop up from time to time used. Is it worth it or just buy new? Any info is welcome Thanks
  4. Looking for a touring boot that is dynafit conpadable. US 10 or mondo 28. Thanks
  5. These boots are brand new in the box. I jumped the gun ordering these and ordered them to small. Which made me pretty mad. So need to get them to someone they fit. $199
  6. Thanks For The TR. I would love to not see anyone on hood while climbing. Granted last time I climbed hood was spring and I climbed with 200 other people. It was a zoo. Thanks for the pics
  7. Won this jacket. If it was a medium I would keep it. The large is sadly way to big on me. Its brand new. Men's large. Cheapest I could find on the interweb is $328 on eBay. So $300 Shipped. Thanks
  8. This might help you. http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/spo/4179482852.html
  9. Womens Mountain Hardwear down jacket - size medium - great condition - No stains, rips, tears, ect. $85 Evolv defy lace ups. good condition - size 7 or euro 39.5 - little wear on the rubber. $35
  10. Thanks guys I wanted a darker color so people didn't see it and steal his gear. Sounds like that shouldn't be an issue. His buddy told me that shouldn't be an issue. I'll just leave the rope the way it is. Thanks for the info.
  11. So. Im rigging a safety system for my brother to be protected while climbing up into his tree stand. He's scared of heights. I'm using webbing for the top anchor wrapped around a branch or the tree. With a locker going into a figure eight on a bite. Then I was going to connect the other end of the rope to the bottom of the tree. He would use a tibloc or Prusik to make his way up. Two questions: Is this the easiest way to do this? I'm also wondering if you can dye a rope a more camo color? I have some pmi 8mm cord but it has neon yellow in it. Thanks for any advice.
  12. You could buy two really nice tents for $700. I believe two types of people will buy that tent. A guy with a ton of money that has to have the best. Or a professional climber. Both are a small target group to market it to. My .02 cents. other cc ers may have other suggestion on where to post it.
  13. Hi I've skied the resorts since I was little and want to step away from that into the backcountry. Money is my issue. I cant afford to drop a $1000 plus bucks on a setup. Looking for opinions on older skis and binding that will be the best bang for my buck. Any info is appreciated.
  14. Hello Me and a buddy are thinking about going on a guided canyoneering trip this spring or summer. I was looking for suggestion on an area or guide service that any one has used or preferred. Looking at a three to four day trip. Thanks for any info
  15. Cleaning out some of my old climbing books. I looked up all the books on amazon and just made them cheaper than what they sold a used copy for. All prices include shipping to the lower 48. Paypal gift mode please. please ask if you have any questions. Open to any trades as well. Thank you - World Mountaineering - michell beazley - $5 - High Exposure - David breashears - $5 - Holding Fast -Karen James - $7 - The self couched climber - DVD has scratches and may not work. $12 - The Hill - Ed Hommer - $ 4 - Three Cups of Deciet - Jon krakauer - $5 - High Crimes - Michael kodas - $4 - Dead Lucky - Lincoln hall - $4 All books are in good condition.
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