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  1. Looking to buy Grivel G20 crampons. (http://www.backcountry.com/grivel-g20-crampons)
  2. My backpack strap somehow came un-double-backed causing me to drop my ice axe. I was climbing Dragontail, pitch 3 of Serp Arete and I'm guessing/hoping it's just to the climber's right of the base.It's an orange BD axe. Keep your eyes peeled and let me know if you find it please. Thanks everyone.
  3. As of right now I have Sunday/Monday off work. Looking for an alpine partner one or both days, but I prefer longer car-to-car days than overnights. Rock, snow or both. Maybe something in Boston Basin, Baker, or Alpine Lakes depending on what's looking good conditions-wise. Open to suggestions! PM me.
  4. I've lost my blue Anasazi shoe. Right shoe, size 38. Last worn at Smith, maybe around the Spiderman area.
  5. Kind of similar topic: Does anyone know if there are glacier glasses out there that fit small faces? I've tried the Julbo Dolgans but they fog up like crazy and are too big for my face anyway. I have a small head, even for a woman, and the kids glasses are too small. I feel like Goldilocks here! Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. DyP

    gym partner

    Bumping this post. Still down to climb during the summer at VW when the weather isn't so great. Weekdays anytime, 'cept Tuesdays. Also looking for solid alpine partners. Shuksan, Sahale, Eldo, etc. PM me. Thanks!
  7. busy this weekend, so i'm out.
  8. Anyone been up to Silver Star recently? I saw a post from last month but wondering if anyone has been there since then.
  9. Sweet. I'll shoot you an email Lindsey, sorry I didn't see this sooner.
  10. I have a few climbing goals this season but always have a hard time finding partners off the cuff. Stuff on my tick list: Ruth Mountain Eldorado Sahale Peak Ingalls (South Ridge) Anything SEWS/NEWS within my ability Silver Star Shuksan Sulphide (ski?) or Fisher Chimneys Baker (North Ridge) Squamish (Angels Crest? or some of the longer multipitch) ...or pretty much anything I haven’t done yet. I’d even repeat some stuff I've done before. Just want to get out. I like longer car-to-car pushes than overnight trips. Feeling strong this year and am good on crevasse rescue, but I'm a beginner skier. Some may be a little ambitious for me, especially North Ridge of Baker, so I’d only want to go with someone who is willing to take lead. I can lead 5.7/5.8 trad but can follow in the high 10s/low 11s. If any of you want to tag some of these, message me. I'm 28/f and live in seattle. some stuff i have done for reference: Baker Coleman Deming Baker Coleman Headwall Rainier Adams Daniels Ingalls Dragontail
  11. I'm looking for a consistent gym partner who wants to lead climb whenever we both have time. Evenings are best. Seattle Stone Gardens is my preference but I'm willing to go to Vertical World as well, too. Maybe transition to outside as the weather (and, um, trust) allows? It would be nice to find a partner around my age (28f) and ability (5.10-11) but I'm not picky. PM me. Thanks.
  12. i've taken glacier courses and feel pretty good but i'm always looking to brush up and remove cobwebs, especially as a group. i'm in seattle and am a 9-5er so weekends are good. i can think of a few places to go. let me know.
  13. any update on leavenworth area or chair peak?
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