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  1. I like the " only used a few times" AKA beat to hell. Or the guy that says "great condition" then listed nine things wrong with the item.
  2. Thanks again for the info, this is all very helpful.
  3. Dan your a pro compared to me. Thanks for the tips, those stoic glove got a crazy color selection. There's just so MANY gloves out there.
  4. So I'm in the market for a new pair of gloves for back country skiing. I saw the glove thread below but he's thinking more ice climbing. Looking to spend 100 to 150. So many options on the net just wondering what the pros like. Thanks Chris
  5. This is some funny shit. I hope Billy bad ass posts a TR on his attempt.
  6. So the female side of the main zipper is all jacked up on my jacket and needs replaced. I'm going to contact arteryx about it and see if they'll fix it. Have any of you had to replace a zipper? Did any of you have it done locally, if that's even possible. I'm looking for the cheapest option, but not give up on quality. It sounds like arteryx is my best option but thought I would see what others have done.
  7. Brian you need to send him a pm or personal message and that should email him. You can do this by clicking on his name.
  8. So I just bought this jacket last week from a fellow CCer and its too big. I love the jacket and sad to let it go. Since I don't know much about the jacket i'm just going to copy and paste his description and history. Hope you don't mind Julian. $125 shipped to lo. 48 OR trade for medium sized jacket of similar quality and style. You want bomb-proof, lightweight mountaineering gear? You got it! Manufactured back when TNF was making really high-quality climbing wear, this jacket was $500 new and worth every penny. It's constructed with the original single-layer Goretex Paclite (aka "hockey puck Paclite"). I've never had any issues with the rubber disks moving around, and the jacket has never leaked, has no damage, and has been well cared for. A great jacket for the PNW weather that I don't have to deal with now living in the Southeast and ice climbing when the weather is good. This one served me well in some absoute shit conditions on Mt. Hood and during an open bivy on Mt. Baker.
  9. I used to date a girl that worked at adidas and got a huge discount. Its best I look her up again.
  10. chris54


    Dang. She wears a medium
  11. chris54


    What size is the alpha
  12. Pm on Arcteryx Regent Cardigan wool jackets
  13. I got this in my mail thought some of you would like to know.
  14. If that person can get a million from Mc d's for the coffee. That got to be worth At least 50 bucks.
  15. The jackets for the NW. I want a light weight bomb proof jacket to keep in my pack incase bad weather sets in. Mountaineering is the primary use. Thanks
  16. I just picked up a north face ama dablam jacket and really like it but it's a size large and may have to get another. Im having a hard time realizing I'm a medium. I was wondering what fabric types you like and or jackets? I don't have a ton of dough so I like to buy used. What jackets should I look out for?
  17. So what are the totem cams like? I've never seen one in person and they look kinda crazy.
  18. I sent you a pm on the jacket. Will you ship it to Portland? I'll pay shipping. Chrisschmitt54@gmail.com
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