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  1. Not trying to hijack the thread just got a quick question for wallstien or who ever. I'm going to been in yosemite the 15, 16, 17, 18 of sept. I'm not looking to stay in camp 4 is there a hostel or another camp ground you like. And do we need reservations ive heard it get crowded. Thanks
  2. I bought A large North Face Venture rain jacket at the rei yard sale a few weeks back and it just to big. This is a long shot but I was wondering if anyone wanted to trade large for a medium. Or trade a comparable jacket. This jacket is all black and in new condition no defects. I'm open to any color a man would wear and would want a comparable quality jacket. Thanks for reading. http://www.rei.com/product/810239
  3. chris54

    Top rope gear

    Steve give him the much better options around Portland.
  4. chris54

    Top rope gear

    When I transition from the gym to rock I took a day trip out to horse thief in the gorge. It's not a ton of fun but you can get some good practice setting up solid anchors. It a great place to mess around and practice setting up your gear. Just a thought since it only a hour and a half from Portland.
  5. You guys crack me up. You will argue anything! When I get bored I just read some of these crazy threads. Oh by the way Im a cutter!
  6. In September of this year me and a buddy are going to yosemite to climb Mt. Whitney and rock climb for 9 days. Our rock climbing level is 5.6 to 5.9 trad and sport. I hoping before we go to get more multi pitch experience but we mostly climb single pitch. I was wondering what guide books you like or any suggestions. Thanks.
  7. Broken Top and or the South Sister would be something you may be interested in. It is about a 3 hour drive from hood. But you get to see the other half of Oregon which is high desert. Broken top has some srambling at the top which make it a better climb in my opinion.
  8. Thanks big sky You make a good point about looking into a 4 season tent. I'll check out some of these models.
  9. My climbing partner and i have been using the same 3 season tent for five years, keep in mind the tent is ten years old. A windy night on mount Adams has clammed it's life and I'm in the market for a new one. I'm looking at the black diamond oasis right now. I've never used a double walled tent before and was wondering if it's worth it. Does anyone have any feedback on this tent or a similar model. I'll take any info I can get thanks.
  10. That would be a test for sure. I think you should do it.
  11. Thanks for the info. There was a line of people up there last time I went. I think I'll hike in and camp so I can get a sunrise summit. Thanks for the tip on the mazamas I was on hood with them once yikes!
  12. A buddy of mine wants to climb three finger and check it off his list this year. So we put it on the list of up coming summer climbs. I have not been to the top in over five years and was wondering if there was a changes. When I went last all you needed was some small nuts and couple big slings. Is that shitty piton still there going through the crawl? And is there still hardware on the top? I only ask because it's a rotting pile of shit. Thanks
  13. My post was directed to him and the people that thought unemployment was a good idea. He sounds like a good guy I don't doubt he would do it right.
  14. Please as a tax payer be a man and pay for your own trip. Don't fund it through unemployment. That no different than a well fare mother who works the system. I really think you should take the blunge but you should be an adult and pay for it your self. I'm tired of paying for people working the system. Have fun.....
  15. I'm so what up over this. I can't sleep! To think that a climbing company is copying product. Oh my god! Really this is crazy maddness. Oh god oh god. And one more oh god! Who cares really I feel dumb for reading this thread.
  16. I got a friend into climbing and he is looking for some old mountaineering gear to get started. I told him I would put a post on cc to see if anyone wanted to get rid of an old ice axe size 65 or 70 and a helmet. It do not have to be pretty if you got something hanging in the closet let me know what you want for it. Thanks
  17. Wow guys thanks for all the info I'll check these models out!
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