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  1. Teen falls at rocky butte

    I was out there a couple of months ago around 4pm and saw some guy nailing a prostitute when I looked over the edge. I can only wonder what happens there at night. Hope this kid pulls threw this and makes a full recovery.
  2. I wish I had the money to take your spot. Sorry to hear about the elbow. Are you in that photo above? It's kinda crazy how high that bike is in the air. Happy healing.
  3. New Poor Judgement Bolt on City Park

    Yeah. I was reading this thread a couple days ago and thought it was dead.
  4. Pm on the helmet, snow shoes, and jansport pack.
  5. The perils of climbing

    I'm an emt and had to use epi in the field on a few people. If I saw you and your eye like that I would consider shooting you up. But really there has to be some sort of a breathing problem before I can really give you epi. From the looks of your eye you should always have an epi pen handy. If you had multiple strike it could have been much worse. From what my medical director tells us epi is pretty harmless. I know some would disagree and im not saying go crazy with the shit. But if your on the fence I lean more towards taking the shot. The pen also is not as hardcore as it appears. It injects the epi super fast so itS more like a needle prick. It just looks painful because people overreact. Meani is right though Benadryl is the key to suppressing the long term affects. You should carry both in your first aid kit.
  6. New Poor Judgement Bolt on City Park

    Doug it sounds like the tribe has spoken and no one gives a shit.
  7. WTB supertopo high Sierra

    Any body got a copy they want to get rid of.
  8. Rocky Butte bums for the 4th amendment win

    I suspect the homeless who refuse services are a mix of both proud and challenged folks. Hard to blame them, particularly in these times. Mostly challenged. Hell I'll blame them. It's hard times for all of us and that's why we don't need to be picking up peoples shit. They should have thrown those bums away with the garbage and saved us tax payers some settlement money.
  9. Beware of user: Mirk's

    Nice billcoe! I want to see this video. Mirks make sure you get a good shot of you face.
  10. Family Camping trip in Oregon

    +1 on the steens mountains
  11. Sad news from the Gorge...

    Very sad.
  12. Not alot I do admit. But they have ruined my experience a time or two over the years of climbing. In the early 90s I walked all the way from the parking lot to the dihedrals with a full size ghetto blaster on my shoulder playing public enemy, then my D cells ran out before the sendage. true story. Awesome!!!!!!
  13. Is this a respect issue to the other locals or is it really about the bolts? A bad injury happened and a couple people had a knee jerk reaction to it. Let's say Ian waited a week or so and talk to more people about this. Maybe held a meeting of some sort. Do you think this would still be such a bitch fest? Is the about the way it went down or the fact you can't swing on some bolts that can be replaced?
  14. Let's say some dude was walking the slackline to the monkey mouth, using a cheap rope from wallmart. the rope broke, and he fell on a climber below, killing both of them: would you then chop the slackline anchors?
  15. Stolen Gear

    20 minutes that's pretty messed up. If you catch this thief I'll help you beat the shit out of him. I'll keep eye out for your gear.
  16. Stolen Gear

    I hate crack heads! Hope you get it back.
  17. There 1/2. Not mine just saw them. http://www.mountainproject.com/v/fs-12-rawl-5-piece-bolts/107218567
  18. Really a permit! Let's not give the state any ideas now.
  19. WTB Oregon High

    Looking for Jeff Thomas's guide book Oregon High. Anyone got one there willing to part with?

    So simple. I'm amazed this hasn't already been invented.
  21. [TR] Central Oregon - Five Peak Traverse 7/1/2011

    Wow! Well done.
  22. This coming weekend I'm going to be in the area and was wondering if the parking lot was open across from sparks lake. I was up there a month or so ago and they still had a whole lot of snow. Thanks Chris
  23. Broken Top .... Sparks lake

    My mistake I am planning a couple climbs in that area. One is the north sisters NE ridge and broken tops NW ridge. Switching them around. Oops Thanks for all the info guys
  24. Broken Top .... Sparks lake

    Thank keep it real that's a huge help.
  25. Found: 1 mountaineering boot

    I saw it in the day time but was to scared to stop.