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  1. Shout Out to Tyler

    I would like to give a shout out to Tyler for being the fucking man!
  2. Good climbing near Portland

    There is also that super awesome place with fixed draws that stays dry in a downpour...
  3. Favorite Portland Climbing Crag

    The Rat Cave!
  4. buzzin through the gorge

    Definitely Buzzin!
  5. buzzin through the gorge

    Definitely Buzzin!
  6. Bolting overhanging routes

    Dude it's 2011 just drill a bolt ladder and take out the ones that you don't wanna clip.
  7. Recommendations for beginner trad routes at Smith?

    I think smith is, in general, a horrible place to learn to trad climb. I think it would be preferable to build your technique/muscles in the gym or sport climbing, then head to trout or the lower gorge to learn to place gear.
  8. Where was this picture taken?

    The lower gorge? It looks a bit lush for being in a desert.
  9. lightest way to purify water?

    Iodine is super light and cheap. I think it's awesome. edit: it takes about 10 minutes to dissolve.
  10. Guide Books Sale - Arizona, California, Utah, etc

    Where are you located?
  11. I have a blue alien, but would prefer to have a purple C3. Let me know if you want to trade. The blue alien is in good shape, though it could use a cleaning and some lube for sure. I would prefer a local (pdx)in-person swap. send responses to bakerjohnalex at g-male , please. Alex
  12. New old offwidth gear....

    Thanks G-Spotter. I edited my post so it actually makes reasonable sense.
  13. New old offwidth gear....

    Hmmm. Doing a quick comparison using some tech specs found at various places on the internet: (feel free to check, they could be wrong) Gipsy........Max range: 205mm Weight: 485g BD C4 #6.....Max Range: 195mm Weight: 557g Big Bro # 3..Max Range: 203mm Weight: 263g Things I noticed: 1. A gipsy is roughly twice as heavy as a big bro for a similar range. 2. A gipsy weighs about 2 light carabiners less than a BD #6 for a similar range. This doesn't exactly scream innovation to me.
  14. Beware of user: Mirk's