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  1. [TR] Mt Hood summit 6/24/18 - Old Chute 06/24/2018

    nonbasketless Thanks for the response, well done too. Interesting photo. Yeah, i've been going the last 5 years and have never seen a crevasse on the old chute. I guess it changes year to year. Almost everyone went way left to get around it. A couple people went right to get around it but left was not as steep. I hope this crevasse is just this year and not like this every year on the old chute.
  2. Trip: Mt Hood summit 6/24/18 - Old Chute Trip Date: 06/24/2018 Trip Report: I left the car at 1:05am and was on the Mt Hood summit at 7:02am. There was no wind and it started to warm up quick today. What was interesting is the big crevasse on the old chute. You can kind of see it in the photo. It is quite large. I had to go way left to get around it. Some guys went over the snowbridge but I didn't feel safe doing that and they went really early in the morning almost before sunrise. I don't ever remember seeing a crevasse on the old chute before. I went up the mazama chute and on way down across the ridgeline and down the old chute. Then, way left around the crevasse. Decent amount of people for a weekend and good weather but, not too many that they slowed you down or anything. Gear Notes: crampons, ice axe poles. Approach Notes: old chute
  3. [TR] Mt hood mazama chute up, old chute down. - 7/8/2017

    Water summed it up good. it is about the end of the climbing season. not much falling up their at the time but I was off the summit before the sun was even over the horizon on the south side of the mountain 730am or so. I would say about a week to week and a half left to climb hood and that's it. climbing season I feel is a little later this year due to the amount of snow. http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=1119574 anyways, this guy posted some pictures of the two routes about 3 pictures down. they variation is the last 150 feet. mazama chute= a little steeper, I feel but no ridge. old chute= not quite as steep but still fairly steep but ridgeline. Ridgeline was defiantly narrow but not too bad. ive seen pictures of it worst than when i went on it. no exposed rocks on ridgeline still so that was good. Not nearly as icey as when he went up. I think the freezing level was well over 12000 feet.
  4. Trip: Mt hood mazama chute up, old chute down. - Date: 7/8/2017 Trip Report: 7/8/17, was a nice day to climb, perfect weather still lots of snow for mid july on hood. I left early around 1230am, took my time. Climbed up Mazama chute to summit. Summit around 645am, took in the sightseeing. Only 3 of us on the summit on a Saturday on Mt Hood at the time. Climbed across the summit ridge and down the old chute. Back at car around 1030am.
  5. no rockfall or ice issues but that's when your up there early in the morning. I was off the high elevation before 9am. One group went up the pearly gates. another went up partway up the gates, turned around and then went up old chute or mazamas chute.
  6. half way up magic mile there is snow.
  7. Trip: Mt hood 6/29/16 - old chute or Mazamas chute? Date: 6/29/2016 Trip Report: Left at 110am. Got to top of Palmer around 3330am, took a nap. summited at 753am. Conditions were perfect. Not icy at all. Not sure if this is the Mazamas chute or old chute. If anyone knows let me know. I think its Mazamas chute since it is pretty direct route to summit without having to walk the catwalk. Not too many climbers out today. We all had the mountain to ourselves it seemed like.