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  1. I found a phone last week on the standard route up Mt Garibaldi by Squamish. Found near the camp area on Brohm Ridge. Amazingly it powers on and charges just fine! Message me if it's yours! And please describe the unique home screen picture. haha
  2. Mt Adams approach this spring

    I think I started zombie-walking up the road around 4:30AM. Took a nice left-over cheeseburger break at Pikers Peak too. So I think it is very doable in a day on skis, if you just keep chugging along. That last pic I posted shows the Morrison Creek camping area. That will be the most awkward part on skis, especially as coverage gets more patchy. So just be prepared for some bootpacking at the end. Hope you find a partner!
  3. Mt Adams approach this spring

    Thanks all! Here's some pics from the day's events PS. 8,000 feet in a day...let's just say I was a little more wobbly than usual on the skis! ha!
  4. Mt Adams approach this spring

    Thought I'd give an update since I finished my trip yesterday: conditions as of May 1 ...... 1) Very first snow patches on the road show up around Elev. 4000' (this is where I chickened out and parked my Civic at a nice turnaround) 2) If you're willing to drive through some pretty OK looking snow patches with tire ruts packed in, you can get to about Elev. 4300' 3) The truly committed Jeep drivers could get to Gotchen Creek area (although I still wouldn't recommend it, tough to turn around and the road is really sloppy in the afternoon) 4) At least one snowmobiler made it to the South Climb trailhead recently! LOL I started skinning at Gotchen Creek where it's pretty much continuous snow to the South Climb trailhead. Because it was dark and Morrison Creek sounded like it was flowing pretty good, I decided to follow the road all the way to South Climb trailhead. I was worried about falling in the creek, and there were some downed trees from the burned area sticking out of the snow here and there. Otherwise I could definitely see why heading north from Morrison Creek area would be a good idea. It was a cooler day yesterday, and snow near the summit and Pikers Peak was kind of icy, crusty, windblown....difficult to ski! I booted down one section since I skied right into a thick cloud and couldn't see a damn thing. But after going below the cloud, it was truly epic corn skiing for like 5000' of vert, down the south spur route, and back to the trailhead area. So good! (I was on the summit around 2:30pm for reference)
  5. Mt Adams approach this spring

    Ah nice, I see what you mean about heading north from the Morrison trailhead. (basically avoid unnecessarily wrapping around McDonald Ridge on the road) Also know what you mean about dropping too low, haha. Looks like if I stay west of McDonald Ridge on the way down, the fall line points pretty much straight toward the Morrison trailhead. PS. It's a full moon on April 29! Could be a great moonlit ascent, and late morning ski down! If anyone else wants to join...
  6. Mt Adams approach this spring

    Sweet thank you both for the input. Sounds promising, especially since I have a few days to wait out the weather. I actually don't mind flat road skinning. Sometimes you can get that nice glide going... I do enjoy the early season solo trips for the solitude. Usually scale back the summit ambitions but mthorman, you're right...it's so amazing having a mountain all to yourself!
  7. Mt Adams approach this spring

    Hello all, dumb California climber here. I'll be visiting the northwest for a ski mountaineering course at the end of April and was hoping to climb Mt Adams on the way home. After doing some basic googling it sounds like roads will be closed at some point along the usual south spur approach to this mountain. So just wondering if the approach would be long enough to turn the outing into a multi-day affair, if it's worth going for it at all, etc. Also, if anyone wants to do this trip week of April 30 - May 4 I could use a partner. Although be forewarned I have the opposite of summit fever and often am completely content tooling around on the lower flanks of the big mountains! ha! Thanks!! JT