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  1. [TR] Wyeast (Mt. Hood) - Linkup 04/11/2021

    You crazy mofo <3
  2. [TR] Mt Hood - DKH- Elliot HW linkup 04/03/2021

    You crazy <3
  3. [TR] Mt Hood - Cathedral Ridge 04/03/2021

    Nicely done! Been itching to get up this route specifically, sounds and looks awesome
  4. Ohhh, I see, I've fallen into that sort of thing where Palmer spills onto White River. Spooky indeed but not too dangerous. Steam vents on the other hand, yeesh.
  5. Great great work, thx for sharing Now I'm really curious, if nothing else for educating myself on mountain safety - what exactly were you punching through to? Loose snow? Crevasses (I thought there are never crevasses up there?)? Snow/ice caves carved by volcanism? Sounds scary.
  6. [TR] MT HOOD - Sandy Glacier HW 03/13/2021

    No kidding, couldn't recognize it's Hood in some of your sweet pics! How important did the rope feel for glacier wandering? I heard crevasses are opening early this year.
  7. [TR] Mt McLoughlin - Through rock in North bowl 03/03/2021

    You absolutely rock. I love that you found an interesting route up such a normally overlooked objective!
  8. [TR] Morning Star Peak - Beyond Redlining 08/04/2020

    Gotcha, thx for the rundown :D. I've tried this without the traxion and was really annoyed, grigri wouldn't let me climb! Btw, rope soloing a 5.10+ good job!!
  9. [TR] Morning Star Peak - Beyond Redlining 08/04/2020

    Grigri is main protection... what's that second device? Some kind of backup? Is the rope bag fixed at the anchor?
  10. Really got your money's worth on the playground I see
  11. [TR] Morning Star Peak - Beyond Redlining 08/04/2020

    Neat Well, go on, what's this rope solo setup you speak of? I'm so curious.
  12. Did you summit?

    Did you have fun? Then you had fun! Go you! Did you get to the highest point? Then you summited! Go you! Ideally I do both. I think the first one is a more noble pursuit, but to confuse them is silly and dishonest (likely with others and self).
  13. [TR] Wy'east (Mt. Hood) - Fric-Amos 01/23/2021

    Fantastic and inspiring work, thx for sharing
  14. [TR] Broken Top - Richardson-Rocket Link-up 12/29/2020

    Inspiring stuff
  15. [TR] Glacier Peak - Frostbite Ridge 08/09/2020

    So lovely to hear a report for Frostbite. I tried last August approaching from Whitewater/PCT, turned back because of weather and crevasses. Sounds like you guys had an excellent time edit: no idea why I wrote "Whitewater", rather it was the Suiattle River Trail