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  1. No clue what that is but I want to know. That climbing looks REALLY fun.
  2. These are awesome- Are you doing any edits in lightroom?
  3. Yeah, it's really worth it when you get to bring the weekend joy into the work week haha Have you made it to the summit of Jefferson? Maybe third time will be the charm.
  4. Trip: Mt. Jefferson - Southwest Ridge Trip Date: 05/22/2022 Trip Report: This past weekend we went out to climb the southwest ridge of Jefferson. We hiked in Saturday afternoon and camped above the avalanche path above Pamelia lake. We could not have asked for better weather and the road was open to the trailhead. We were hoping to make it to the summit but from the lake you could see that the rock portion of the route was covered in snow. We made it up to the saddle before the traverse, climbed out to take a peek at the traverse and turned around. There were some folks from Seattle on route that I got some photos of. If any of you see this, PM me and I'll send you some photos. Gear Notes: 2 quarks, crampons and splitboard Approach Notes: Pamelia TH, to PCT to avalanche path
  5. My $0.02 having had similar questions in the past is to make sure you are on the same page as your partner and that you are both willing to have open and honest communication about your risk tolerance and how things are looking throughout the day. I have been in the mountains with folks who are so attached to achieving the objective that they fail to observe important things around them or are unwilling to discuss them in fear of 'having to bail" - typically conditions that are getting sketchy. I'm not all THAT experienced but in my view the mountains will always be there and I want to be able to keep coming back for a long time. If you keep coming back you will continue build more and more experience. It's a slow process (for me at least) but there are other places to go pedal to the metal where you aren't so far out there if something goes awry. Sounds like you two are pretty well matched to get out and have a good time i.e. there isn't a massive disparity in abilities. South side of hood is always a good way to go like others have said - Timberline lodge is pretty high which makes things easier and there are a variety of different routes to access from there. Also, the Alpine Mentors content is high quality. Not 100% certain I am on topic here, so forgive me if I'm not.
  6. Fully automatic aluminum crampons used once - I don’t think there are any signs of wear. $100 located in PDX
  7. That looks awesome! thanks for sharing. That first photo looks a lot like looking up at Dragontail from Colchuck lake in the winter months.
  8. @kmfoerster This is awesome! Thank you for sharing. I think I need to adhere more closely to the KISS principle. I mocked up some cardboard and some card stock into the general shape I wanted, then traced the bottom panel portion from that. It yielded the cutout piece of paper. Definitely worked but a bit more of a process. I also made a little cord organizer for a quicker little project. Do you use a binding attachment? Thanks again, Adam
  9. That backpack looks awesome, @kmfoerster -Good work! I really like the color combo. I dabble in making bags and always struggle with patterning my ideas. It's way too easy to get carried away trying something too complex too soon. How did you pattern the bottom panel? i.e panel below the pick pocket.
  10. I wasn't going to jump in but I just wanted to say that I didn't interpret your (@Artem Vasilyev) original post as an arguement that soloing Yocum is safer than with a partner. I thought your comments were intriguing and thoughtful. So, thank you! Overall this whole thread has been a quite enjoyable read especially being cooped up due to the current state of the world. For me this whole conversation around soloing really just me think about why I love climbing. And that is because no matter who you are, what your skill level is or your experience has been YOU get to choose how you experience the mountains. You can go drink beer on a crash pad with your friends and climb little rocks, you can go project some hard sport route you've been training your ass off for or you can go on some big mountain suffer-fest that makes you wonder why you do this. You get to choose how much risk you want to take (although, sometimes you don't) and nobody is sitting there telling you that you can't or that's too dangerous or that you are making a foolish decision. @landoclimb's comment on our sanitized world really resonates with me and in part that is why I enjoy the mountains - there aren't guard rails, there aren't caution signs or anybody holding your hand. It's wonderful how you can go take as much or as little risk as you want. And even that is relative and subjective. Some of my fondest memories have been coming back to "reality" after some climbing objective and seeing how strange and sanitized the world we live in is. Also, congratulations on your ascent @landoclimband thank you for sharing. It sounded like a wonderful day out but I do hope you also share a rope sometimes.
  11. La Sportiva Nepal ice climbing boots size 43 These are not the evo's They are lightly used and pretty close to like new condition - 3 years old - I have climbed ~20 pitches of ice in them. I bought them before I realized AT Ski boots were what I needed in the PNW so they haven't see much use. $280 OBO - Looking at comparable boots on ebay this seems like a fair price. I will upload photos when I am back home tonight.
  12. This looks interesting. Is this a fairly known area for ice? More specifically I'm interested if you are willing to share more details on getting there as I am not familiar with the area.
  13. I trimmed mine so that I've got about 3'' of extra to accommodate different boots and I've had no issues with it being too short.
  14. Atom

    Mt Hood

    I have been worried about this as well but have camped in the lower lot a handful of times with no issue - Just my experience.
  15. Atom

    Mt Hood

    I have been worried about this as well but have camped in the lower lot a handful of times with no issue - Just my experience.
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