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  1. Selling a lightly used Black Diamond Jetforce 28 airbag pack (M/L). In excellent condition, recently returned from firmware update and clean diagnostics at Black Diamond. Has a hip pouch, goggle pocket, good diagonal carry system, stowable ice axe loop and helmet carry. Comes with charger complete w/international plugs. Initials PF written near logo. Please email me at deepdrypowder at gmaildot com if interested. Located in Salt Lake City but willing to ship to reputable members.
  2. If you've never skied in the backcountry before, than be sure to learn about managing avalanche danger by taking a Level 1 avalanche course and making sure that you have appropriate gear. If you've already done that and were just wondering about Hood, then I can assure you, the best skiing on Hood is not in those sorry ski resorts.
  3. Friends, after being approached by both a guidebook company and an app maker last year, both of whom wanted to recruit local expertise to create a paid guide to Mt Hood's backcountry terrain, I decided that it was in the public interest to make that information available for free. After significant personal investment, a free guide to Mt Hood Backcountry is now available: MtHoodSkiMap.com Of course there will be griping from some about giving up 'secret' spots or facilitating beginner access to the backcountry, but in this age of GPS and 4G, both of these things are inevitable. I would rather that users discover the backcountry as I did-- using moderately imperfect information from a trusted source as a basis for personal exploration and learning. All of the information that I've provided is available elsewhere, but it's inconvenient, poorly written, or hard to find. By compiling this guide, I'm hoping to follow in the tradition of similar websites, like Run the Volcanoes (RIP), that serve as a touchstone for those entering this sport and the Mt Hood Backcountry with fresh eyes. Features: The Map: Based on Caltopo and marked with common routes, features, and roads, so you can change layers, zoom, pan, print, and apply slope gradient maps. -The Short Guide: A primer to the peculiarities of skiing in the Hood. -Weather/Forecast Links: Easy access to NOAA, NWAC, and more. -Backcountry Ski Routes: A detailed guide to common Mt Hood backcountry routes with photos, printable maps, and notes from personal experience. Please share this guide with friends, email me through the Contact link if you have corrections/contributions, and get out there to enjoy the 2017-18 season, which is already off to a good start. -Patrick Fink
  4. Bought for a trip to Japan, skied a few days in pristine powder, ready to come to you in absolutely pristine shape. Asking $600. Skis: 179 cm, 135-115-131, 2016 topsheet. It's the Armada JJ tip rocker with a stiffer, flatter tail for those who like to ski faster and jump off of things. For a ski with a 115 waist, it's also startlingly light. Retails ~$750. Binders: 2017 Dynafit TLT Radical ST 1.0, mounted for a size 28 boot, with room to adjust. Complete with brakes sized for the ski. Retails ~$499 Condition: No scratches, edge defects, blemishes on topsheet or bases aside from scuffing where the bases meet when they're paired up. Pretty damn close to new. I'll take cash from anyone, or ship to those who can prove that they're real people with connections to the community. Shipping from Portland, OR at your cost. Can deliver to Seattle in early December as well, but you'll have to pay up to hold them. Contact deepdrypowder at gmail. I won't be looking here very frequently.
  5. Trip: Mt Hood - Newton Clark Headwall Ski Descent Date: 5/29/2017 Trip Report: Finally tagged this one with Tom. Dropped in at 730 for perfect conditions, 3:14 car to car. Lots of folks starting up at 815 were gonna be in for a slop fest. Highly recommended for the steep skiing crowd. http://mountainlessons.com/skiing/newton-clark-headwall [img:center]https://scontent-lax3-2.cdninstagram.com/t51.2885-15/e35/18723133_264480994027653_7281330006200942592_n.jpg[/img] Gear Notes: Crampons on the Wy'East face, and race skis on the way down. Approach Notes: Snow to the lot at meadows still. Barely enought to skin the whole way on vista ridge.
  6. Down white river? It depends on the year. Most likely into May if you know where you're going, but it's more likely that you'll ski bulletproof/frozen avy debris at the top and slop down low.I skied it last year april 11, but we had much less snow last season.
  7. I can't take this down or modify it? Anyways, these have sold.
  8. Trip: Mt Hood - Pearly Gates w/White River Ski Descent Date: 2/11/2017 Trip Report: My girl and I needed a nature break before our wedding in a couple of weeks so we headed up to Hood to take advantage of the weather. Where were the rest of you on Saturday?? We were the only folks on top Saturday via the Pearly gates. Met some nice german/austrian folks on the hogsback (sorry if that's the wrong nationality) who bailed with snow safety concerns. We found largely safe snow conditions and easily avoided the new wind-transported snow by hugging the rime towers on the descent. The hordes tested the snow safety directly on saturday. On Sunday, we skied white river from the headwall to the highway. There's a fine 6000' descent for you, provided that you know the way down. Again, pretty good conditions and great weather. Congratulations to the couple who were married at I-Rock on saturday. PM me for more photos of your wedding party. More photos and complete TR on the blog. + Reid headwall/leuthold's are looking good, with consolidated snow. + I-rock is thoroughly rimed, though some was falling sunday in the sun. Gear Notes: Two tools nice but not mandatory. No screws. Used a 30m rope per partner preference, but not needed if comfortable on steep snow/rime. Approach Notes: Skins to below crater rock, crampons thereafter.
  9. Price drop: $250 for the pair. Get em while they're hot.
  10. Dynafit TLT5 Performance boots in mondo 28.0 size. They've seen a lot of action, but they've been given a new life: -Cuffs re-riveted by dynafit service last season to remove cuff slop common to carbon cuffs. -Buckle replaced on right boot (as pictured - blue) to replace a fraying cable. -New liners this season, $160 Palau tour lite liners from skimo.co, same manufacturer as stock liners but marginally more flexible, and lace-up. The soles are in good shape, with some predictable chipping of rubber near the toe fittings, but otherwise doing well. Comes with removable boot tongues. I've skied these for several seasons and it's time for them to go to a good home where someone will use them and abuse them. Asking $200 + shipping. I'm in Portland, OR. At that price, it's basically a nice pair of liners with some boots thrown in :-)
  11. For some reason, can't edit the original post. Price down to $200. Get em while they're hot.
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