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  1. Nice work, yall! Way to make big moves πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  2. Oh shit, look at that. I won -- a lot. Gotta say, that is not how I expected this to go down. This forum is way too important to let get lost to apathetic disregard, though. Thank you @olyclimber, @JasonG, and everyone who supports this site with moderation, contribution, and representation as an active piece of PNW adventure history. Let the summer scheming commence!
  3. Hit me with $10 more than the current bid for all six of the pieces, to get this party ripping. This is a good cause -- as a long time lurker substantially taking more than I provide on this forum, would hate to see this place swell to the ether for lack of community support. Let's go!
  4. This is as good as advice as any. I ended up doing some ski touring Friday instead (and skiis on from the parking lot at that...in October!) and got a good taste of what disorientation can really look like when conditions are white out... another bit of experience to add to the arsenal
  5. Thanks for keeping some accountability in the avy department, alpine et. I didn't want to bring that up and muddle my original question, but it is something I was keeping observations on as well.
  6. I appreciate all of the sage words of wisdom. I just got back from hiking the length of the PCT this year (and walking up to Illumination saddle to observe some rockfall on the way through). After spending a considerable amount of time in the Sierra Nevada range, I suppose I'm a bit eager to get after it...
  7. Wisdom well picked up, DPS. Thanks for the input!
  8. So I want to make sure I am understanding clearly... The danger in rockfall is not something that can be mitigated necessarily by 1) climbing in cold weather and 2) after two-ish freeze thaw cycles w/ perhaps a foot of snow. I'm asking because I am trying to get a sense of what conditions would seem to suggest a reduction in rock fall danger, perhaps a checklist of sorts to determine a go/no go on climbing a route in regards to rockfall. What I am seeing in the updated forecast is about two feet of snow leading up to Friday, as well freezing conditions throughout that time. What thought processes would someone with greater experience go through with this information? Thanks for the reply's and wisdom!
  9. I recently moved to Portland, and I gotta say, what a great area! Before moving here, I had no idea Hood was so visible from the city! Which has got me thinking... I have Friday off before school in the evening and am playing with the idea of a summit up the Old Chute before class. Being new to mountaineering in general and new to the area, I am wondering what thoughts this community has on an early season summit idea. Particularly, what opinions people have relating current and past weather to stability of the mountain, as well as other factors that may come into play for early season climbs that would be worth mentioning. Here is a link to previous weather and forcasted weather for Hood to get a glimpse at temperatures/precipitation. Sept. 26tth - Oct. 1st http://www.snow-forecast.com/resorts/Timberline/hindcasts/2017-09-26/top Oct. 3rd - Oct. 7th http://www.snow-forecast.com/resorts/Timberline/hindcasts/2017-10-02/top Oct. 9th -Oct. 14th http://www.snow-forecast.com/resorts/Timberline/6day/top If you're interested in joining, feel free to send me a PM as well!
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