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  1. Conditions on Hood SS?

    It dumped on us on Monday. Complete white out down below. Couldn't even see the Lodge from the parking lot. That was at 3am. By 7am it had cleared up enough for us to climb up to silcox. That's where we stopped
  2. Conditions on Hood SS?

    Ill let you know tomorrow. A group of us are going up tonight and hopefully summiting mid morning
  3. Which Shovel to Get

    So Im looking at the Black Diamond Transfer 7 Shovel. What does everyone think of this shovel? Good or Bad?
  4. That was us you saw. A group of us went up on Monday and a second group went up on Thursday. I went up Monday. Beautiful day. Glad to hear you made it up
  5. boots for the Cascades?

    I'd go with a plastic boot personally. Your feet will stay much warmer.
  6. Overnight pack size

    All depends on what you plan on doing. My only pack is 70 liters, but that is for other reasons. I would say a good 50 liters for a good size pack
  7. How did you like this coat? We are getting some for our team at that price
  8. Current Hood Conditions

    Well that's not what I want to hear
  9. Me and a couple of buddies are planning (hoping for the weather), I guess we will be bringing snow shoes now
  10. Current Hood Conditions

    Looks like it was fun. Im hoping that conditions hold for tomorrow.
  11. Leash length

    OK, that is exactly what I wanted to hear. Thanks for all the information guys. Im just gonna have to go out there and see what I like and don't like
  12. question on climbing Mt. Adams

    Why not just pack like you would for Hood? That is what I am planning on doing in a couple of weeks. Anything that I would use on Hood, I plan on taking up Adams. Better to be safe then sorry
  13. Leash length

    So for my first post I have a question. I'm 6'0" using a Black Diamond Raven 70 cm Ice Axe. What size leash should I be using so I can have it attached to my waist? Thanks guys, I'm hoping to learn a lot from this site