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  1. Now that i take a closer look at your tracks i get it. Definitely the back side, west side. So, you didnt start the aret at the base, notch. You caught it a little farther up? Seems like a good late season way to do it.
  2. Neat trip! I have been in that sherpa basin once. Pretty cool spot. How hard was it to access the nw arete of argonaut this late? For some reason i thought it required snow to get up the notch to the base of the route. That east ridge of sherpa is tedious.
  3. This place is like Monte Cristo

    Of course i only speak for myself. I do everything possible not to post in order to avoid an argument or get trolled. I stopped posting tr's because it was a pita to share photos. Now, that will change. I love the TR database. It's not just this site. Gravsports was wounded early and is practically dead. Only trolls seem to reside there now. Now it seems that everthing fbook and instgram are the only place to see things and i guess its because it is trendy and easy/shallow. I still come back here in hopes of seeing tr's and partner wanted posts. Maybe things will cycle back around.
  4. Anybody want to climb tomorrow in the desert. Looks dry. Trad preferred but i can clip bolts too. Likely we won't be car pooling since I'm coming from the east side. Joe 2087559008
  5. Yo Stemming Dragon. Not expecting you to reply to it, but i am curious if you received my PM. I am not sure my PM feature is functional. Let me know. Thanks! Joe
  6. Alpine Partner June 24-25

    If you end up with any weekdays either side of those dates i would be down. Maybe later otherwise.
  7. Found Pocketknife at Vantage

    Seriously. Likely mine. Probably found at Middle East Wall.
  8. Found Pocketknife at Vantage

    Got a number or email?
  9. Found Pocketknife at Vantage

    Orange buck folding.
  10. Cramps

    Eric T. I too have suffered from cramps. I am in decent shape. I stayed hydrated. Electrolyte drinks didnt work. Salt stick tabs didnt work but, my shirts had nice white lines on them. Hot shot is likely snake oil. Usually i suffered from bicep and foot cramps while climbing. A while back i suffered a wicked hammy cramp while lying in bed. Several hours post bike ride. Not a long ride either by my standards. I told my dad about my leg cramp. He said "oh yeah, i used to get those. Now i take Calcium. All gone." Whatever Geezer. So, i skeptically started calcium. 600mg calcium carbonate with d3 from Costco. ALL CRAMPING HAS CEASED. I am sure i get the rda of calcium in my diet. Guess i needed some extra. This worked for a friend of mine too. All those electrolyte products focus on sodium and potassium. Not Calcium or Magnesium. Also electrolytes and important. If im gonna have a big day i take a couple calcium instead of one a day. Give it a try. Its a cheap experiment. Also, i started on mg too. Be careful with mg. it softens stools. I take one in the am. Theres a fine line between soft and uh oh.
  11. Banks lk

    Really? I would have thought it was rough after this last melt. Looks like it may cool off soon. What did you climb Paul?
  12. My wife and I are going this year. I have heard nothing but positive reviews of the climbing and festival. We are flying to valdez due to using air miles for tickets. Otherwise I have heard that the Anchorage rental car tactic is best.
  13. Found Gear on Snow Creek Wall

    Oh yea! Email sent.
  14. Anyone up for index or leavenworth either of these days. 9-11 sport or trad.
  15. Partner wrangling in squamish

    With copenhagen i spit. Does tinder work for trad climbers?