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  1. Talk about exposure...

    There is a TV tower about 30 miles from me in Fairchild Wi that is 1998 ft high. There was an article in the paper a while back about the guy who changes the lights up there and he goes up solo.
  2. Great TR. Been up in the Stehekin area a number of times and always love seeing pictures of it. Thanks.
  3. WOW. Do you actually have human DNA? Unbelievable. Hero stuff!
  4. I apologize to all of you.

    Oh shit. Not that again. C'mon Bug, you're like Sally Field--We like you !!
  5. Archeological update: Pyramids

    Hey Billcoe, the comedian Steven Wright claims they were built by a guy named Eddie.
  6. Great tribute Scott. We wish you and your family peace.
  7. Another bigfoot sighting.

    Bemidji Minnesota--figures. That is not a Bigfoot. That is what passes for a hot chick in Vikequeen land.
  8. Lodging around Mt Hood

    You won't find anything available or cheap that close to Hood at this late notice. I tried to get something nearby five months out and couldn't find anything. I would reccommend Best Western in Sandy, just 40 minutes away.There is a supermaket right next door that makes great subs that taste great on breaks up on the mountain.
  9. current snowpack

    + 1
  10. Accident on Hood 12-11-09

    Very sorry to hear this. My sympathy to the family.
  11. Yulefest

    And let's not forget respakaga,lutefisk and patemon. Ole and Lena were dancing at the Norweigian Ball and Ole said,"My you smell good tonight . What do you have on?" Lena said " I have Eau de Ole on." A while later Lena said, "Well you smell good too, Ole. What do you have on?" He said, " I have a hard on,but I didn't know you could smell it".
  12. Hood Hogsback shift

    I have heard it mentioned several times in this forumn that the Hogsback has shifted west. I compared photos I took when I did the Old Chute route this June with pictures taken as recently as 2006 and see that it is very noticeable. My question to those of you that have climbed Hood over the years is this: Have you seen this happen before, is it common for it to shift, and what is the most that you have seen it shift? I had a great time up there and was just curious.
  13. Hood Hogsback shift

    Thanks, Frick. Now I'm going to look up some of the old pics from way back.
  14. My Book is FINALLY Published, Yay!

    Mine came already. Damn, that was fast.
  15. Celiac's disease

    Hi Goatboy. I am a professional baker and have been doing a lot of gluten free baking lately, mostly from mixes that should be available at your major supermarkets.There are some gluten free brownies that smell and taste as good as any and would be yummy to tuck away in the pack. I am using rice flour to make scratch pie crusts and they are working out well too. Just add your favorite fruit. I'm sure that if you check these out, you will find there are lots of cakes, cookies, and bars available.Unfortunatly, the breads do suck.
  16. CC.com Dance Party!

    Jake, you and off white and ponderosa are posting what I assume are videos, but I am getting just a blank square with a little colored icon in the top left corner. Anyone have an idea why I am not able to view? You all are commenting, so I assume you can see or can open them. I notice this on several other threads, too. Thanks. Jim
  17. Winter Climbing & Wet Clothing

    I agree with mountainmandoug that winter is the art of sweat management. I used to hike out to my deer stand in below 0 weather with multiple layers on and be sweating like hell by the time I got there. Then I would sit there in wet clothes and freeze half to death. Now I wear just a wicking longsleeve top and leave my jacket open while I hike out. When I get there, I take the jacket off and dry out in the cold air and pull my layers out of my pack and then dress however warm I want to. The best way to avoid the wet clothes is to plan ahead. I have done the same when I have climbed out west and has worked well for me there too.
  18. Labeled illustration of North Cascades

    I will order one and gladly pay for whatever shipping costs. Plus I will donate to saving the wall even though I will probably never climb there. Love the cascades!
  19. HOW THE FIGHT STARTED .........................

    A guy is doing a crossword puzzle and says to his wife,"Honey, what is a four letter word for a woman like you that ends in U-N-T ? She says, "That's easy. AUNT. Thats what my nephews call me. He says "Oh.. yeah... Hand me the eraser will you? Thats when the fight started.
  20. Some of the best pictures I've seen. jealous.
  21. Limbaugh: "We Need Segregated Buses"

    Once again, IVAN is the only one that makes sense.
  22. buddy's sex change operation

    I recently ran into a buddy who had a sex change operation. I didn't know quite what to say, so I asked "How was it"? He said it was the most painful thing he had ever been through. I said it must have hurt like hell when they cut your cherries off. he said "No, I was drugged up pretty good". I said then it must have hurt like a bitch (no pun)when they removed your hose. He said,"No, the drugs again helped." I said, well the bad part must have been when they sliced you to make a woman's genatalia. He said,"No the anesthetic saved me there, too." I said well then what the hell was so painful about changing into a woman? He said "The painful part was when they drilled that hole in my head and took half my brains out."
  23. buddy's sex change operation

    And one the Washingtonians might get: Why doesn't Idaho have a professional football team? Because if they had one, the next thing you know, Washington would want one too. At least one guy in Stehekin I told it too thought it was funny. Of course, Brett Favre playing for the Viqueens is F-ing hilarious.