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  1. What I'll be buying depends on the routes, which won't be decided till a couple days out. I'll likely just need a 24" picket. Plus, it'll just be good to know where a shop is in case something gets left at home by accident.
  2. Yeah that's the REI I was looking at. Marmot Mountain Works seems to be pretty accessible to the highway while we travel north. I like FF and 2nd Ascent but trying to avoid the city.
  3. Are there any gear shops around Seatac? For an upcoming trip I'll be flying in a few hours before my partner and will have some last minute items to pick up. I see there's an REI nearby but a climbing specific store would be great. Steve
  4. SOLD Asolo AFS Evoluzione Double plastic mountaineering boots Size 11 (US), 45 (EU) $100 Shipped PayPal & US only Excellent condition Asolo mountaineering boots. No tears, cuts, or signs of wear beyond cosmetic scratches and scuffs. I’m the only owner and I’ve used them a total of 16 days. I don’t get the chance to mountaineer much so when I do I remember it pretty well. I take meticulous care of all my gear and these are no exception. They’ve been cleaned immediately after each trip and stored on a shelf in my closet. Pictures at http://mountainproject.com/v/fs-asolo-double-plastic-mountaineering-boots/108003714
  5. 2x Camp Quix Ice Screw 12cm $45 for the pair shipped to the lower 48 states. Paypal only. The screws are in excellent condition. They've been used one time on a single pitch in Hyalite Canyon last fall. Photos can be found here. http://mountainproject.com/v/2x-camp-quix-ice-screw-12cm/107793988 [font:Arial Black]PM me if you're interested[/font]
  6. Patrix

    Denali trip

    Wow...setting up camp in those winds must be TOUGH! Sorry you didn't make it to the summit. My brother and I plan to climb Denali next year and camp construction in high winds is one aspect I'm a bit uneasy about. I live in the Southeast US and have no idea how to train/prepare for that. I guess I just need to go camping during the most awful weather forecast I can find.
  7. On the Kautz direct in '08 our guide used a MegaMid. Our 11K camp was sorta exposesd and it was very windy. The 'Mid held up with the help of some snow walls. However the guide said he got no sleep because he was worrying about it so much.
  8. REI Insulated Mittens. $30 shipped. The size on the glove says medium but it fits more like a large and will easily fit a liner glove or fleece glove underneath. Used once will sitting around camp on Mt Rainier so they are in excellent shape. Will only ship to the lower 48 states. Features - Grippy rubber on palm, inside of fingers and thumb - Fleece lined interior - Synthetic insulation - Large wrist loops (aka Idiot cords) - Mitt extends to mid forearm - 2 cinches down—wrist and forearm - Small loops at finger tips to attach to a harness Pics here http://www.mountainproject.com/v/fs-rei-insulated-mitts-/107571791#a_107591476
  9. Just in case you change your mind on the local only sale, I can give you $40 shipped for the 22 cm screw.
  10. Thanks EVERYONE! This is really useful informain that I wouldn't find in any guide books. It seems like there's a spot in just about every direction around the Seattle. The weather at the time will probably be the determining factor for us.
  11. DPS, Rob--Thanks for the useful information. The main reason I was considering Vantage was because it's right off of I-90; After we do the tourist thing in Seattle, we're heading East to Montana, though it sounds like it'll be worth the extra driving time to go to Leavenworth instead. The way you guys talk about Vantage, it kinda reminds me of a crag local to me (Georgia) called Lost Wall; it's climbable, but kinda crappy and incredibly inferior to T-Wall, which isn't much further away. -Steve
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