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  1. Hood Pics

  2. WTB: size L (108mm) Fritschi brakes

    I've got a brand new pair of the xl's, still in plastic. Can't remember what mm they would me, but more than 108. Let me know if you want me to measure them.
  3. Silvretta 404 - 2 pairs

    I have two pairs too many of used Silvretta 404s. Used, but in good shape. $150.00/pair plus shipping, or, make offers. Can also meet at Stevens Pass or in Mount Vernon. Sizes "U" - XL and "K" - small steepndeeppow at gmail dot com
  4. Silvretta 404 - 2 pairs

    Both pairs sold - Thanks!
  5. Expedition Sled

    Nice work! I may have to copy the ski pole idea.... I used two 8' long fiberglass fence poles - epoxied some copper pipe connectors with eye bolts on each end to connect to the sled and the pack. The rest of the sled is based on the ski pulk design. Pulls and skis great!
  6. Silvretta 400's

    Pair of well loved Silvretta 400 bindings - pulled off a pair of ski's too small for my kids. Sun faded and one screw has a bunged up head, but they still work great for approach skis. Can supply copy of paper template for mounting $50 plus shipping, or send me an offer..... can meet in Sedro Wooley, Oak Harbor or Stevens Pass if you don't want to ship. steepndeeppow gmail dot com
  7. Silvretta 400's

    sale pending
  8. Daughter wants to climb, dad wants to drink beer!

    Mtn Dew- congrats on having such motivated daughters. My two kids (now 12 & 15) pretty much did the same thing for me, and you can do it. After driving a desk, smoking, drinking (scotch), working too much, being over 200lbs, a couple of friends and my kids got me back into the fresh air 6 years ago. Moderated my diet, cut WAY back on smoking/drinking, and got active again. Now back to HS weight/pants size, done Rainier, Hood and quite a few other mtns. Hiked 15 miles out of the North Cascades on Sat, carrying 60+ lbs. Remember, progress can often seem pretty slow, but it is well worth it!
  9. Blue bags

    IKEA Blue bags Just kidding - you can order them through many of the gear co's, REI, Mtn Gear, or just keep all the ones you never use from Whitney, Rainier, etc.... I've also heard of others making their own bags - double bag with a little kitty litter, but I'm not that brave.
  10. MSG XGK or Whiseperlite Int'l?

    XGK if you want bomber, bulletproof action. I love my new version one. Of course, my original whisperlite is still going after 20 years..... changed a few o-rings and replaced the pump once, but never an issue. I usually maintain them thoroughly once a year, and then double check them midseason. (course always carry a stripped down maint kit too) Both will require SOME maintenance, but should last a hell of a long time.
  11. Kids in the Outdoors - PICS

    Camp of first backcountry camping trip, Sawtooths, Idaho Fathers Day, 2005, climbing Norton Peak - she was 7, youngest in summit register Coolest campsite to date, City of Rocks, Idaho Clipping the anchors, first lead, City of Rocks, Idaho
  12. Hey Dan- You can put a pair of alpine boots in the 404's and verify that the center mark on the boot is pretty close to the center mark on the ski. I have a paper template for mounting 404s that I'll try to scan and post up if you want. I have mounted some using this template and had pretty good results. It may be too big for my scanner, but I'll see what I can do - or I'm in Mt. Vernon too.... Pretty much what I found is that climbing boots are tough to ski in, so it may have less to do with your mount than you think. Put my alpine boots in the 404's and I can ski them just fine. Spent several days in bounds with my climbing setup and figured out how to ski them better (but not great). I'll do that for a morning or two each season to remind myself.
  13. tips for alpine newbies

    These are priceless, well worth repeating! Thanks Rob! to contribute to the thread drift - bladder was one of the best things I did for my climbing - constant hydration - even when in the head down suffer-through-the-approach mode. Too often before I would bust my ass for too long w/o stopping to drink 'cause bottles are a pain to get out of the pack. blowing the water out of the tube helps a ton, and I found that I have had less freezing in the bladder (against my back, covered with insulation from stuff in the pack) than with a Nalgene put on top of the pack where it was easy to get to.
  14. how do you make a crag nap friendly?

    It has been some years, but there used to be a really durable, collapsable playpen that we took everywhere with us - camping, climbing, etc. Just spread a blanket over the top, and they get quite a bit of breeze through the sides. Also helps for those non-nap times as well when you are belaying.....
  15. Mountaineers???

    I am wondering about the worthwhileness (wd?) of joining the Mountaineers for a while. Is the Mountaineer's a decent organization to learn/meet others? I certainly have seen many disparaging remarks about the "mounties" and most folks avoiding their masses at any cost. My family is moving from Southern Idaho to Mt. Vernon in late January. I have climbed/toured/backpacked in Idaho quite a bit, and lead independent parties up Hood and Rainier in the past few years, but have no REAL experience in the Cascades. Did SAR for a couple of years out of Boise, and would also like to get back into that. Any input/suggestions appreciated, as well as any other climbing club/group names!
  16. Mountaineers???

    Thanks all! Was up there for New Years, and was drooling pretty good when things cleared and could see the Olympics and Cascades from the freeway...
  17. Worst Present this christmas

    I'll raise you two 'tween kids, match the ski's - but you can't have the dog! Hmm, the taste of roasted, rotting organic matter, 16 years on!
  18. John Scurlock- 1/2/08 - Skagit Alpine Club

    Yep, planning on not going. Moving a load of crap from ID to Mt. Vernon in prep of living there, but have to be at the old grindstone on 1/2.... Totally sucks.
  19. Mountaineers???

    Feck/Sobo/Cfire- Thanks. I'll be looking up Skagit MR, PM sent. I'm going to be up pretty much full time on the 12th of Jan. It's been 15 years since being in IMSARU, so I've probably lost more than I ever learned. I'm pretty comfy with my rock/rope work, mostly uncomfortable exploring a diff. climactic environment on my own... weather patterns, local avy stuff, route suggestions, etc. Sounds like support for the Mounties is not too bad, and will probably hook up for a year and take it from there... The huts look like they might just be worth the membership, esp with my family. Thanks to all! - look forward to getting involved in and getting to know everyone! Will be checking out the partners board as well!
  20. Conditions at City of Rocks?

    Go! Was out there yesterday, perfect weather, dry, no snow. Some thunderheads built late afternoon w/a bit of wind, nothing came out of it. Watch the weather, may be some rain developing later this week. Road constr. between Elba/Almo coming from Burley, better to cut up through Oakley if coming from the west.
  21. Hood in mid-september?

    Have a friend who missed Rainier in Aug, wants to try Hood....in mid-september. Is that ABSOLUTELY nuts? Just the Palmer route..... Coming from So. Idaho, so not real familiar w/conditions over there. Looks like it might already be getting some fresh? Still a lot of rockfall?
  22. Silvretta 404 climbing bar replacement

    These seem to be a pretty hot item. I need the wire for one binding (404). What would you sell yours for, or do you know of any other source?