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  1. sold! Ice tools: Petzl Nomics

    Still available, will entertain reasonable offers!
  2. for sale Crampons, 3 pairs!

    BD Cyborg and BD Sabretooth crampons still available!
  3. Still have some BD cams and Metolius cams available!
  4. Updated. Still a few BD screws available and the Spinner leashes
  5. Updated to reflect pending sales. Lots still available
  6. Selling off my ice gear, haven't been climbing in the past few years and life's interests have taken me in other directions. Here's a chance to get some gear in great shape for a great price. All items are used but in good condition with years of use left. Prices firm, cash for meet-up or PayPal if you want me to ship. I am in Wenatchee and can meet within a reasonable distance or ship at your expense. BD Express screws= $30 each sizes: 2x 16 cm and the 22 cm still available [BD 10, 13, and one 16 sold] [Petzl screws sold] (all screws come with caps for the teeth) [BD Ice ScrewUps sold] [ice clippers sold] [v-thread tool sold] BD Spinner leashes (first generation)= $15
  7. sold! Ice tools: Petzl Nomics

    SOLD Pair of used Petzl Nomics for sale, asking $400. Includes original tags, wrenches and spacers for heads, installed pick weights and hammers, and two sets of pick covers. The rubber wrap was installed by me and is in pretty good shape, just now starting to split near the top. Picks are sharp and ready to climb right now, also with plenty of meat left for resharpening. I am in Wenatchee and can meet up within a reasonable distance. Also willing to ship. Cash if meeting up and PayPal if you need me to ship.
  8. for sale Crampons, 3 pairs!

    Three pairs of used crampons I am getting rid of. Not climbing anymore and other interests in life are now consuming my time and treasure. Just looking to get this gear to the next eager user at great price. I am in Wenatchee and can meet within a reasonable distance, or I can ship at your expense (if you need shipping we will come up with a reasonable flat rate). Cash if meeting up, PayPal if I'm shipping it. BD Cyborg step-in crampons= $50 Includes the pictured BD crampon bag and associated tools/front point spacers to convert to mono points. These are well-used but still have plenty of meat on the points for continued sharpening and sending. BD Sabretooth semi-auto crampons= $40 [Stubai crampons sold]
  9. Finally came to the realization I'm not a climber anymore, as life interests have taken me other directions. Selling off my rack, as follows: all items are used but in good shape and have lots of safe and useful life left. If I were still climbing, I would be using this stuff. The big caveat is the slings on the cams: these cams all had news slings sewn on by BD and Metolius back in 2013, so I highly recommend you get them re-slung again prior to use, simply due to the elapsed time. They have only been used a couple times on the new slings and stored indoors properly since then though. Prices firm, unless you guys think I'm way off base on what I'm asking. Just trying to move this stuff to the next eager user and recoup a little cash, that's all. I am located in Wenatchee and could meet within a reasonable distance for the sale, otherwise I can ship (cost to ship will vary and I will work that out with you individually if needed). Cash if meeting up, PayPal if shipping needed. Cams: [pending sale on #4, #3, newer #1] BD Camalot #2 (2 available), #3= $30 each BD Camalot (old 1st Gen) #1 & #0.75= $15 each BD Camalot #0.3= $40 (this is the newest of the whole lot, barely used. Not the latest Z4 but whatever they were calling them before that...) Metolius TCU #2-4 set= $30 each, $50 for all three Metolius MasterCam #1-4 set= $30 each, $100 for all four [Nuts sold] Gear sling: Metolius= $10 [Carabiners all sold]
  10. Sweaty/Wet Feet

    I deal with this exact issue as well. I have found the boot is not much of a factor, unless you are grossly over-insulated for the objective or conditions. For reference, I wear Batura Evos for all my ice and winter stuff now. Yes, they are on the warm side, but I have had good results with the below practices: Anti-perspirant on the feet is a great trick. My go-to is Mitchum Gel Unscented: powerful active ingredients, easy to apply to feet, dries reasonably fast. Just be careful when packing, as it can ooze from the tube under certain temps/orientations. Double bag. I have tried various combos of liner socks, vapor barriers, etc. Just results in more sweating or more sweaty socks to pack out. I stick to one pair of mid-to-heavy weight, high quality wool sock (Darn Tough or Smartwool). I don't do much mountaineering anymore, so I am mostly dealing with this on all-day ice climbing outings. My practice is to apply anti-perspirant in the AM and change into dry socks after the approach.
  11. Larger-volume backpack recommendations

    I too have found the 70-75L size to be perfect for what you describe. My pick is the Gregory Baltoro 75. Outstanding load hauler, some sweet features, and extremely comfortable.
  12. Selling my Yakima FatCat 6 ski racks. Excellent condition, used for a season. Comes with mounting hardware for factory aero racks or aftermarket round/square bars. Also comes with two keys for the locks. Asking $150. Local meet-up preferred. PM if interested.
  13. Bump! Still available. Any taller guys looking for great all-around skis? Make me an offer...
  14. Bump for price drop! Any takers at $500?
  15. Skis: K2 Coombacks, 188cm, 135-102-121mm dimensions. 4 years old, good condition. Were mounted with Fritschi bindings the first season, and were plugged when removed. Bindings: Dynafit TLT Vertical ST with brakes. Mounted for 331mm boot sole lengths (I was using 29.5 Scarpas) or thereabouts. Skins: K2 custom cut skins for the Coombacks. The skis and skins have less than 15 days use and the bindings less than 10. Asking $500 obo., prefer local deal with cash and meet-up. I'm in North Bend, and am willing to come as far west as Mercer Island and north-south between Renton and Bothell. Contact via PM.