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  1. Two things i've found very useful on the mountain. Surefire G2 flashlight. Can't beat it for routefinding at night. Small, lightweight and very bright. Platypus 4L or 6L water tank. I carry it collapsed to high camp, then melt snow, or get water to fill it, and I've got plenty for cooking, for the morning and after the summit.
  2. I've got the week off, and want to do some rock climbing. So far I've only climbed indoors. I don't have any lead gear, but have rope, runners, biners, etc. Also willing to belay and learn.
  3. I wouldn't say that.... if you really want, I could spill out the PM's. That won't help your case any.
  4. I also read NW Hikers occasionally. Same user name.
  5. I'm out. Not going.
  6. Rainier Climb July 26th-29th

    Probably not neccesary, but I usually bring 4 of each for myself. 2 lockers on the harness, one on the snow picket, a non locker on the chest harness plus some spares of each. IF you use the hauling system at least 1/3 of your gear is hanging in the ice, so it's only 8 and 8. This stuff should be obvious common knowledge around here, but it seems he had a bad experience.
  7. HeadLamp info

    I use a a Petzl tikka and a surefire G2 flashlight for routefinding in the dark.
  8. 8mm rope belay

    I climb with the same rope, so I read this with interest and decided to take mine out today. I used muenter on a BD quicksilver and it held my weight on rappel with no problems.
  9. Rainier this weekend?

    yeah, kinda late now. think I'll go to exit 38 or one of the rock gyms instead.
  10. Weather forecast turned better, anyone want to climb this weekend? I might just go to Muir and try to get with a team there.
  11. MSR Z lite?

    What are some people's opinions of it? Is it thick enough to use on snow?
  12. Good Luck. Baker sounds interesting. I did the Coleman-Deming a few years ago and loved it.
  13. Josh, keep me updated on what you guys plan to do. This weekend is good for me, and i might be able to get Friday off.